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Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Review

Zoeller is among the most trusted names in the sump pump market. Actually, if ask plumbers about their preferred brand they'll probably tell the name Zoeller.

One advantage of these pumps is they're checked before they are released. That means you'll be certain that your pump is working as it should when you get it. They offer a wide range of pumps and it can be a little confusing to choose which one you want.

Zoeller M53 sump pump Zoeller M53 Sump Pump is among the most well-known sump pumps on the market. It's the choice for dependability and affordability.

If you own one that's been there for a long time It's likely the M53 or another Zoeller. It's an indication of the fact that these are reliable and well-known pumps are.

Why should you choose to go with the Zoeller M53 sump pumps?

Build Quality

The construction is a crucial aspect to be aware of when selecting a pump. It must be made from substances that can stand up to the harsh conditions of the sump pit for a long time without causing injury to your back or bank. The key is balance.

Zoeller M53 Zoeller M53 has its switch motor, case and pump housing constructed from cast iron. This allows it to endure a lot of abuse.

Cast iron can also help reduce the temperature of the motor quicker than other types of motors, which can drastically extend the lifespan of a pump. This is particularly useful when the pump needs to switch off and on frequently because of the high flow of water that is pumped into the pit.

Even though it's a bigger pump, the fact that you won't have replacement as frequently due to an overheated motor is a welcome relief.

Its impeller is glass-filled polymer and is a non-clogging vortex.

The design permits it to move solids more efficiently and up to 1/2 " as much as other sump pumps, though it's ideal if it didn't need to. If you've had issues with clogging with your previous pumps , this could aid.

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It also handles some silt as well as dust, so you can use it to clean the water that comes from bathtubs, sinks and washing machines.

It is more beneficial to stay with pure water, even if the glass-filled impeller is awe-inspiring when as compared to regular thermoplastic however, it's not as strong like cast iron.
The great thing about an impeller made of plastic is that it won't corrode and, consequently, will stay well-balanced in the event that it isn't damaged by silt or pebbles. Balance is important to keep the pump in a quiet place and operating smoothly.

The thermoplastic engineered base will suffice for the typical user.'s requirements. This also lets the M53 remain lighter than most cast iron pumps with 23lbs or about similar to the weight of a 2-year-old.


The pump can move 34 gallons of water per min (2040 grams per hour) for 10 feet, which isn't a lot when compared with other pumps with the same HP range. The good thing is that the pump's low flow permits it to run for longer and cool down by the flow of water.

However, it has a very high running current of 9.7 A. This can be quite significant if you have to operate it on a constant basis.


As it's submersible it's expected to be more quiet that pedestal pumps. Although it's not as quiet as other submersibles however, it's still an impressive choice in this regard provided that the pump and pipes are set up in accordance with the manual of instruction.


This is where many encounter issues with the pump. Many have issues due to it breaking after a couple of years, and causing the pump to operate in a erratic manner. You can have an additional switch in place to replace the switch every three years to ensure. It's less expensive than replacing the entire pump.

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The switch is equipped with the size of 4 14 " between the off and on points, which is comparable to other pumps having an on/off switch that is vertical. The off point has about 3 " of water on the bottom , which is acceptable because the base is made of made of plastic.


It's a breeze to put in as long as you have room within the basin. Make sure to make an air release hole beneath your sump basin cover, at 45deg with the angle facing downwards to avoid airlock. This is because the air in the discharge block the water from draining and you must vent it.

The cord measures 9 feet long, which is something you must consider in the event that your outlet isn't close to the sump.


Zoeller M53 Zoeller M53 is a well-tested pump that has proven to be able to last for many years. The design, the absence of noiseand ease of installation are its principal advantages that differentiate it from the typical sump pumps.

Even though the switch isn't working the switch, it's inexpensive enough to have on the back of your hand. The high amperage draw will not be a cause for you to be complaining about, especially as you'll be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that your basement's going to be dry by the time tomorrow arrives.

Think of it as an employee who is highly productive which you pay more to keep.

If you're looking to get an upgraded switch you could consider upgrading to an M63, which is a superior switch. However, in the majority of instances the M53 is able to perform the task well.

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