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Wayne WSS30Vn review: the most affordable sump pump that can be combined

Are you imagining getting up to find an unexpected water pool in your basement? If this is a thought that keeps you awake in the night, you may be thinking about changing the pump that pumps your sump.

This article will go over one of the most effective ways to achieve this making use of one of the most popular combination sump pumps available - that of the Wayne WSS30Vn. This pump set includes the powerful Wayne CDU800 main pump as well as the reliable Wayne the ESP25 backup pump all in the same compact package. An amazing combination that will aid you in forgetting the problems with flooding.

  • Pros
  • Primary sump pump of high capacity
  • Steel construction with durable coating
  • Simple installation within 16" basins
  • There is no airlock
  • Cons
  • The backup pump isn't as effective

Why should you pick the Wayne WSS30Vn for your sump pump?

1. Excellent capacity and battery efficiency


The primary pump on the Wayne WSS30Vn utilizes a powerful 1/2HP motor that can pump upwards of 3840 gallons water per hour up to an elevation at 10.The backup pump comes with batteries that power the DC motor that can move as much as 1680 gallons of hour to similar height.

There's a difference in the capacity of both however the main pump is too powerful.There aren't any alternative sump pumps available to match the power of the primary.Don't worry however, as it's not common to require 3840 GPH of flow in the typical home.


A single charge of a battery can assist the backup pump in moving as much as 10,000 gallons of water out of the pit. If you don't think that's enough, you can include a battery in parallel to boost the capacity. It is recommended to use a Deep cycle battery is suggested for sump pump use.

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2. High-quality construction with a solid foundation

This model is an upgrade of the WSS30V.The main and back pumps are comprised of a robust motor housing coated with steel and a the base is cast iron.The coating is applied well and is expected to last for several years.If it is removed it is possible for corrosion to form.But it isn't a major issue for the majority of installations.

The impellers are a hard glass-reinforced thermoplastic, which is tough and non-rusting.There's no need to worry about it except for erosion, which is fine if you're only pumping your typical sump water.

They are able to rely on float switches that have been that have been tested for up to 10 times higher than other competitors.You won't hear a lot of complaints about Wayne pump switches that don't work and this is because it's one of their strengths.

3. Good features

The battery has a display that displays the status of the battery's charging LED lights. Additionally, it comes with an alarm sound that will inform you when the battery's charge is low or the backup pump began to run. These are basic features of the combination system, but they're excellent at this price. They will help you operate the pump in a more efficient manner and also help you plan and adjust when there's a problem.

4. Installation is simple

The unit can fit into basins with a diameter of 16 inches, which makes it very small. It's about the same size as the common primary pump requires. The only thing you have to do is put it in the basin , and attach the plumbing. This is not much differs from a traditional pump installation.

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Each pump is equipped with a high-quality check valve to prevent the discharge from one pump from escaping into the second. It is designed to protect you from backflows which could cause one pump operating repeatedly.

The package includes an easy to follow guide to assist with the installation. The battery box comes that protects the battery from the effects of moisture. It's also sturdy enough to withstand impacts and other damage over the years.

Last thoughts about the Wayne WSS30Vn

It's the Wayne WSS30Vn is the top combo sump pump system that you could buy if you're looking for one that is reliable and powerful without costing you a fortune. It's a well-designed and durable unit that will allow you to go out and get out and about. Although the capacities of the pump could have been better matched however, it's a excellent value for the money. It's no wonder it's still to be one of the more sought-after combination sump pumps available.

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