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Should I Top My Plants Before Flowering

should i top my plants before flowering

Should I Top My Plants Before Flowering


There is some debate surrounding whether or not to top plants before flowering. Some growers believe that it can cause physical and genetic problems in the plant, while other growers believe that it can increase yields and improve the quality of the final product. which is your stance?

"can I Top During Flower

No, you cannot top while flowers are in bloom. Flowering plants need to expend energy and water to create new growth, so they won't be able to produce any more flowers while they're topping.

Does Topping Increase Yield

Tapping the plant in late October or early November (the start of the flowering period) will result in a crop that is about one-third larger than if left untapped. This phenomenon is called topping and it has been observed by farmers for centuries. Toping results in an increase in yield because more flowers are brought to maturity. The effects of topping are modest, however, so growers should weigh the pros and cons carefully before making this decision.

Should I Top My Plants Before Flowering"

A top on a plant before flowering can boost yields, modify appearance, and add vigor to the plant. It is important to heed the risks and rewards of topping plants for best results. Always be sure to consult with a professional before making any decisions about topping plants.

Should I Top My Plants Before Flowering FAQs

How long after topping should I wait to flower?

The waiting time after topping can vary depending on the cannabis strain and method of growing, but typically a few weeks are necessary for THC to accumulate in significant concentrations.

Can you top plant in flowering stage?

No, you cannot top a plant in flowering stage. TOP means to overexpose the plant to light, which can cause damage and may inhibit flower production.

How long should you wait to top your plant?

This can depend on the type of plant and how vigorously it is growing. However, typically you should wait until a new, sturdy set of leaves has formed before topping your plants.

Is it okay to top during flowering?

Some growers consider topping during flowering to be necessary for good yields, while others believe that it inhibits pistil growth and can lead to lower yields. Ultimately, it is up to the grower to decide whether or not they feel the need to top their plant.

What happens if you top a plant in flower?

A plant in flower is topped, or taken over by, another plant. This can happen when two plants share the same roots and grow together.

Can you top a plant in pre flower?

Yes, you can top a plant in pre flower. To do this, first make sure the plant has been well water and fertilized. You then will want to score the stem of the plant just above a node or stem division (this is where leaves and flowers meet). Cut away some of the stems below this point and spread the cut ends apart so that they form a flat surface. Firmly attach this new top by staking or tying it in place using pieces of string or wire.