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Repair or Replace: Lawn Mower Repair Costs

Lawn mowers are only minor investments, but it can last you a long time if taken care properly. Unfortunately, things cannot last forever. Lawn mowers have a tendency to get worn out over time, especially older ones that are vulnerable to damages.

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Sometimes, damages are easy to deal with and can even be repaired quickly. But in other cases, damage repairs can often cost more than buying a new lawn mower.

So, how will you know when to repair or replace your lawn mower?

Read on to find out.

Repair versus Replace

One of the things to consider when deciding on the matter is the kind of damage that your lawn mower has; repairing common problems in mowers are generally affordable. And depending on the condition of the mower, you can even fix it yourself to save more money.

When to consider lawn mower repair?

You can consider choosing repair when your mower only has common problems like:

  • Dull blades
  • Worn out blades
  • Plugged deck
  • Maladjusted deck
  • Damaged deck shell
  • Loose or bent spindle
  • Poorly inflated tires
  • Caburetor issues

Repairs also include component replacements. Replacing some components can substantially extend your mower’s life span without breaking the bank.

When to consider buying a new lawn mower?

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According to John Ellis, owner of highly rated Lawn Mower Doctor in Columbus, Ohio, internal damage is a sign that it’s time to replace your old lawn mower with a new one.

Broken rods or pistons, crankshaft damage, and a blown engine often cost more to repair than to get a new mower.

To put it simply, you have to assess potential repair cost depending on the damage of your lawn mower. The goal here is to effectively save money, even if it means to let go of your old, trusted mowing buddy.

Repair Costs

Whether fixing mower problems on your own or hiring a specialist, it is important to be guided on how much repairs can cost you.

On average, lawn mower repair starts at around 60 US Dollars. Hiring a specialist on repairing your mower can range from 35 to 90 US Dollars. However, various mower repair services have their own pricing as well, so this data is roughly an estimate. The final cost also depends on how complex the repair is, price of components and parts needed, and how long will it take to finish the repair.

Starting price for repairs:

Mower Type Average Costs
Standard Push Lawn Mower Starting at $35
Riding Lawn Mower Starting at $140
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Factors that affect repair cost:

  • Repair Location

Lawn mowers are heavy. For this reason, a lot of repair services offer mobile, home, or pickup and delivery services. This, however, can cause additional charges. But, fret not! Some repair services offer these for free or at a discounted rate.

  • Fixed Service Rates

Service rates differ and vary in different repair shops. A big factor in cutting repair cost is finding a reputable repair service specialist that has a lower service rate. Most specialists also only have fixed rates on common mower problems. A more complex mower problem will require a diagnosis before getting an estimated value for repair.  

  • Parts and Labor

Lawn mower prices usually already include labor fees and component replacement costs. Beware of repair services that casually add components to replace. Be smart; if possible, ask for a written agreement and a breakdown of replaced components costing.

  • Tune up

Some lawn mower concerns also require a tune up, aside from repairs. This will result to additional charges as well, but surely it’s something that will greatly benefit you.

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  • Type of Mower

Lastly, the most important factor that affects repair costs is the type of mower:

1. Manual-Reel Mower

This standard push mower only needs manual effort; it’s an old-school mower that requires you to manually push to enable the blades to turn.

2. Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

In a quick glance, it looks similar to a manual-reel mower but it actually requires less effort. It’s also a standard push mower, but the difference is that an engine mechanically turns the blades. Instead of pushing to mow, you literally just have to push this equipment to guide it throughout your lawn.

3. Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding or ride-on lawn mowers can mow 2 or 3 times faster than push mowers, and is ideal for bigger yards and small yards.

4. Zero-Turn-Radius Mowers

Zero-Turn-Radius mowers, also known as ZTR mowers, are a type of advanced riding lawn mowers that has a pivoting front caster wheels that can make sharp turns.

Repairs on manual-reel, push, and self-propelled lawn mowers are cheaper in comparison to riding lawn mowers and zero-turn-radius mowers. Mechanisms in manually-controlled mowers are easier to fix. Price and availability of components and parts can play a big factor in costing as well. Components that require shipment or components that are low in supply will probably cost a lot more. Repair costing can also depend on the amount of time to fix your mower. Riding mowers are time-consuming to repair so expect higher labor fees in repairing any ride-on and zero-turn-radius mowers.

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Tip: If you are looking for a reputable repair specialist, you can check online. However, do not solely rely on reviews. Oftentimes, people are paid to give positive reviews. If possible, it’s better to check forums. You can also get free estimates online; this can help you weigh in on an option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Mower Repair

Q: Which type of mower can cost more when repaired?

A: Electric mowers are usually more expensive to repair, but it really depends on what your lawn mower is. For obvious reasons, a gas riding mower will cost more to repair than an electric self-propelled mower. But generally, electric mowers of any kind have a pricier repair cost compared to their gas counterparts.

Q: Which type of mower has a pricier maintenance cost?

A: Despite its affordable initial price, gas mowers gradually become expensive as time passes by because of its maintenance. Routine tune ups and oil changes may have a considerable price range, but it does weigh on your bank over time.

Q: Which type of lawn mower has expensive components or parts?

A: Electric lawn mowers have pricy components and parts. This is one of the reasons why repair cost for electric mowers are high as well. Aside from that, electric mower parts are a little hard to find compared to gas mowers.

Q: Why are internal damage in lawn mowers expensive to repair?

A: Internal damages on lawn mowers are really expensive to repair because it will need replacement for certain components and parts that are also really expensive in the market. It is also relatively harder to repair. The cost of the required component added to a higher labor fee make the entire repair cost pricy.

Q: Should I still choose to repair my lawn mower as long as the repair cost is lower than my mower’s initial price?  

A: One factor you should keep in mind before deciding if you will repair or replace your lawn mower is the cost, but you should also take the kind of damage your mower has in consideration. You should check if the mower’s damage is already a repetitive condition. If it is, it’s time to really replace it. You can also try to compare prices of different types of mowers to the repair cost of your current mower. Some types of mower are far more affordable, so you can take that in consideration as well.

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