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Husqvarna 128LD Review 2022

Husqvarna has been a prominent brand in the lawn care industry for years now. True to their heritage, Husqvarna products are great, and rarely disappoint in terms of quality, power or performance. They have launched lawn maintenance products ranging from leaf blowers to robotic lawn mowers to help you meet all of you lawn care needs; most of which we found generally get good reviews from critics and customers alike.

One product that is particularly popular right now is the Husqvarna 128LD gas string trimmer. It great for cutting overgrown grass and weeds, and a lot of reviews from garden enthusiasts and professionals like the 128LD and have rated this nifty little tool as the best string trimmer you can get on the market.

Read our Husqvarna 128LD line trimmer review and see why you should add it to your list of must have gardening tools.  

Let’s find out what the rage is all about!


Husqvarna 128LD Gas String Trimmer

Brand name Husqvarna
Model 128LD
Weight 11.11 lbs
Engine 28 cc, 1.0 hp, two-stroke, CARB & EPA compliant
Fuel Regular unleaded, max ethanol content 10%
Fuel Tank Volume 13.53 fl oz
Operating RPM 8,000 MAX
Sound level 114 decibels

Husqvarna 128LD Features


The 128LD straight shaft, string trimmer uses a 28cc engine that has a high power output of 1.0 HP. It can turn at a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm as well. Yes, these line trimmer products boast quite a bit of power despite its compact design. However, the engine is 2-stroke. Meaning, this product does not get its power from running on gasoline alone. For the engine on this trimmer to work, you need to use a mixture of gasoline and oil. Luckily, ready-made mixtures of gasoline and oil are now available and easily found on the market for your convenience. Nevertheless, this is not the only 2-stroke characteristic that raises an eyebrow. This type of engine is known to produce harmful greenhouse emissions, yikes! But, with this trimmer, you'll find that there is no cause for concern. The 128LD has passed the emission production level test before launching on the market. This product has both been approved by CARB and the EPA.

Aside from its power, the 128LD string trimmer engine has another great feature that puts it above other gas string trimmers. This is known as the air purge. This nifty feature allows the engine to flush out air from the carburetor and fuel system. This ensures that the functionality and power of the 128LD trimmer will not be affected or damaged by the surrounding contaminants. It maximizes clean operation of the equipment during prolonged usage.

Last but definitely not the least, the engine on this model is constructed with a unique X-Torq design. This form increases fuel efficiency of this product by up to 20% and reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60%.


Comparatively, these products can be considered to be one of the best string trimmers with a manageable weight in the market. It has a dry weight of 11.11 lbs. It may not be the lightest commercial weed eater, but it is definitely lighter than most of its competitors product that offer similar lawn maintenance services.

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Like most gas line trimmers, the 128LD includes a harness. In this case, you get the harness in the form of a shoulder strap. Yes, these products are compact and lightweight, but when you add the included strap it helps with weight distribution, alleviating the strain that accompanies prolonged equipment usage.


The 128LD is slightly similar to Husqvarna 128CD. However, 128LD beats it in terms of design. The 128CD has a curved shaft while the new and improved version of it, the 128LD has a long, straight shaft and interchangeable cutting head, proving that there’s more to this helpful product that make it a top choice of most customers worldwide. Taller people like the straight shaft of this line trimmer because it is found to be more comfortable to use and easier to work with and manuver. Let us take a closer look at several of its parts.


The handle of these products are specifically designed to adapt to its user, a good feature to have for long-lasting comfort. The 128LD line trimmer can easily adjust according to the user’s comfort. It boasts a soft grip, to make it comfortable to handle even during an extended period of time.


As mentioned above, 128LD line trimmer is fitted with a long, straight shaft. It is a whopping 40 inches long, measuring from the base. With this height, the straight gives the user the ability to reach and trim through neglected areas. It is also designed to produce less vibration, reducing stress in the drive shaft.

You may think that the 128LD will be a little difficult to store because of its length. But, the shaft is actually detachable. This is good for easy storage, giving more room for other equipment.

Cutting Head

Another defining feature of 128LD line trimmer aside from its power is its versatility. It is one of the rare commercial weed eaters that is capable of utilizing attachments. Combined with a straight shaft feature and a flexible cutting head, it's easy to transform this piece of equipment to serve other purposes. It's trimmer head is compatible with a wide array of attachments that you can add, making it an arsenal of lawn maintenance tools.

Its power and versatility are not the only notable things about its trimmer head. As a string trimmer, it also guarantees an astonishing performance with a 17-inch cutting width. This allows you to trim a significant amount of overgrown grass and weeds in a short period of time. It also utilizes a 0.095 diameter trimmer line, which is effective in trimming overgrown grass in a swipe.

Smart Start Feature

128LD line trimmer includes smart start technology, which is designed to start quickly with minimum effort. This function also includes an automatic return stop switch. This enables the equipment’s gears to automatically return to its starting position when the machine is turned off. This eliminates the hassle of recalibrating your string trimmer before starting.


Pros Cons
  • Powerful performance delivery due to a capable gas engine
  • Air Purge Feature in engine
  • CARB and EPA approved
  • Construction is compact and
  • Adjustable, soft grip handle for comfortable handling
  • Detachable long, straight shaft that allows easy maneuvering and easy storing
  • Large cutting width with a 17-inch span
  • Versatile, Compatible with various attachments
  • Multi-purpose, can be used in place of other lawn maintenance tools
  • Smart start function makes starting easy with minimal effort
  • One of the most affordable string trimmers on the market given its performance
  • A translucent tank helps to make it easy for you to monitor your fuel level as you work
  • Husqvarna warranty services all parts and labor for two years, but can be extended to 5 years
  • Reasonable price
  • Primarly for grass and weeds only
  • Only services branches up to 1 inch thick
  • Mixture of gasoline and oil for fuel needed
  • Despite passing emission test, it does still produce greenhouse emissions
  • Reports from other customers state that the start function is not durable
  • Users cannot manually adjust carburetors
  • Line feed does not work very well on these products
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The Verdict - Husqvarna 128LD

Husqvarna 128LD is not perfect. It has its fair share of negative reviews; however, its features, benefits, and advantages do overpower any of its shortcomings. 

In conclusion, Husqvarna 128LD reviews overall still prove it to be one of the highest quality and best performing gas string trimmers or commercial weed eaters you can use on the current market. It has a lot of astonishing properties and features that help to back up this claim.

The best part of this trimmer outside aside from its reasonable price, is the included 2 year warranty. It keeps your trimmer running like new, and the warranty can even be extended out to 5 years! You would be hardpressed to find a better quality product for the price. This equipment is undoubtedly worth every penny you’ll spend on it!


Husqvarna 128LD - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the 128LD automatically feed the line?

A: No, the 128LD does not automatically feed the line. It uses a bump-feed method, which is commonly used on most trimmers in the market. This process is done by bumping the trimmer head on the ground to advance a new line.

Q: What can this trimmer cut with a brush cutting head?
A: The trimmer, if equipped with a brush cutting head, would be able to cut through heavy patches of grass and weeds, small woody plants, and saplings with a diameter over 1 inch. Reviews have mentioned that anything larger than that would be a prove to be a problem for the 128LD. Need to cut through more than a 1 inch diameter often? If yes, you may need to buy brush cutter instead.

Q: Can you use the 128LD as an edger?

A: Yes, you can use the 128LD as various other lawn maintenance tools, as long as equipped with the correct cutting head attachment. Other reviews have mentioned that it can be used as a brush cutter, an edger, and much more. 

Q: Why can’t I manually adjust the carburetor of 128LD?

A: You cannot manually adjust the carburetor because of the air purge function. The engine is programmed to help adjust the carburetor by itself.

Q: Where can I buy the Husqvarna 128LD?

A: You can easily purchase a shiny new Husqvarna 128LD at, or by simply clicking the link here in our Husqvarna 128L review.

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