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How Clean Does Deck Need To Be Before Staining

how clean does deck need to be before staining

How Clean Does Deck Need To Be Before Staining

Before staining a deck, it is important that it is as clean as possible. Many brands of stain require a clean deck before staining.

"do You Have To Remove All Old Stain Before Restaining A Deck

No, you don't have to remove all old stain before restaining a deck.

How Clean Does Deck Need To Be Before Staining

For most homeowners, the first thing they do when they take possession of their new home is to get a yard inspector to check for any major violations. One of the things the inspector looks for is treated wood that has started to rot.

A dirty deck can promote fungal growth and can cause wood to dry out and warp. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your deck clean.

If you are staining your deck, scrub it down with a hard-banned degreaser before you start. Use a hose attachment to rinse it well. You can also use a broom, mop or bucket to clean it. Make sure to get all of the dirt, grime and debris off of the deck boards. Next, use a mild wood cleaner formulation on a cloth or sponge, blotting gently to work up a lather. Rinse well with fresh water and allow the deck to dry completely before applying stain.

How Do I Keep My Deck Looking New"

Deck Maintenance Tips:

  1. Cleaning and Trimming: As an easy way to keep your deck looking new, clean it every three to four months with a good deck cleaner, then use a wire brush to scrub off any dirt or stains. Trim bushes and other vegetation that encroaches on the path of the deck rails.
  2. Preserving Outdoor Accents with Chemicals or Plants: Another easy way to keep your deck looking new is to coat it with a tough, long-lasting sealant, such as Kilz or Simastic. Apply this coat one or two times a year in dry weather, then wait 10 days before watering. Or try complementary plants that tend to be evergreen and invasive (such as red berries), which will naturally clean up debris.
  3. Restoring deteriorated Wood: If treated regularly with proper wood preservatives (once every 6 months), deciduous wooden decks can last up to ten years without deteriorating too much in appearance. However, if there is significant rot or termite damage, it's best not to try and repair it - replace the board instead!
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How Clean Does Deck Need To Be Before Staining FAQs

Do I need to clean wood before staining deck?

No, you do not need to clean the wood prior to staining it.

Do I need to clean a new deck before staining?

There is no need to clean a new deck before staining it.

How long should I wait to stain my deck after washing it?

That all depends on the type of deck stain you are using and how Wet It Is. Most deck stains require an hour or two to dry before staining, but if it is a hard surface you might want to wait until the next day.

Can I clean and stain my deck in the same day?

No. Cleaning and staining a deck requires different treatments that need to be followed in a specific order.

Can you Restain a deck over old stain?

It is possible to clean a deck and restore its original color over old stains using a pre-disposed cleaner and sealant.

Does all old stain need to be removed before restaining?

There is no definitive answer, but generally it is recommended that all old stains be removed before restaining. This will allow the new stain to bond more effectively with the existing wood.