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Hitachi CG23ECPSL Review 2021 (Metabo HPTCG23ECPSL)

Hitachi Power Tools has recently changed their brand name to Metabo HPT (Hitachi Power Tools). Hence, the change in Hitachi CG23ECPSL’s name to Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL as well. Do not be alarmed if people start calling it a different name. Despite the change in brand name, this little nifty power tool stays the same.

The Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL has been one of the top gas string trimmers on the market for years. It is actually the second longest commercial weed eater up to this day, next to the Tanaka TCG23ECPSL. Aside from its long length, there are a lot of astonishing features packed in this trimmer, which makes it a popular go-to gas string trimmer option for garden enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Read on for a closer look at the Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL



Brand name Metabo HPT (formerly known as Hitachi)
Weight 10.3 lbs
Engine 22.5 cc PureFire 2-Stroke, CARB Tier III compliant
Fuel Non-ethanol blended, high octane gas
Fuel Tank Volume 16.2 fl oz
Operating RPM 9,900 MAX
Sound level 115 decibels




The Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL runs a 22.5 cc Purefire 2-stroke engine that has a power output of 0.93 HP. It turns at a maximum speed of 9,900 rpm. The Purefire system of the engine allows it to perform with a 70% decrease in fuel emissions and 30% increase in fuel efficiency. It also has an anti-vibration function which prevents the engine from overheating during prolonged hours of usage. It also allows the trimmer to perform heavy-duty tasks without having to worry about machine fatigue.

However, like any other 2-stroke engine, this powerful machine requires a mixture of gasoline and oil as fuel. It needs a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil. Luckily, premixed fuels are available in most retailers and shops, making it more convenient to top 2-stroke engine machines like the CG23ECPSL.

Sadly, it does produce emissions as well. But with the help of its Purefire system, emissions are greatly reduced without compromising effectivity of its performance. If that doesn’t make you relax, be assured that the CG23ECPSL has passed the emission level test before entering the market.


As mentioned above, the CG23ECPSL is the second longest commercial weed eater in the market. It also features a forged steel construction, making it durable and long-lasting. You would think that with all these features the equipment will surely be bulky and heavy. However, despite all these, CG23ECPSL is actually one of the lightest gas trimmers in the industry. It has a dry weight of 10.3 lbs, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver around your lawn for a long period of time without straining yourself too much.

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Unlike most gas string trimmers in the market though, CG23ECPSL’s package deal does not include body straps or harnesses to help you carry the equipment around. For your safety, however, it does include safety glasses.


Despite being rather popular for its long shaft, the CG23ECPSL also has other features that make it the top choice of most customers worldwide. Let us take a closer look at several of its parts.


Metabo HTP CG23ECPSL has a 7mm stainless steel long, straight shaft with a length of 60 inches. It is the second longest weed eater in the market, next to Tanaka TCG23ECPSL which measures 70 inches. With its towering height, the equipment is definitely nifty in reaching neglected areas without the strain of having to bend down.

Cutting Head

The CG23ECPSL has a cutting width of 15 inches, which is relatively smaller than its competitor’s cutting range. Nevertheless, its cutting diameter is perfect for reaching hard-to-get areas.

The cutting head is also designed to work with attachments. The only downside to this is that it’s only compatible to four (4) Metabo HPT attachments. Nevertheless, this makes it a considerably versatile tool. It can transform into an edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw, or a mini-cultivator tool. To install them, all you have to do is remove the trimmer head and attach desired head.

String Line Feature

This model utilizes a unique semi-automatic string line feed, which adjusts on its own. It is programmed to  feed string to the trimmer head accordingly when the string is almost out. This trimmer holds 13 ft of string that is 0.95 mm thick, which can last a while before you have to purchase a replacement for it. The string comes out in a dual line, meaning the trimmer cuts from both sides with two different strings rotating around its head.

S-Start Recoil Starting System

The CG23ECPSL features an S-Start Recoil System. It is programmed to start quickly with minimum effort. Unlike most gas trimmers, it relatively powers up with a pull or two. This user-friendly function saves you a lot of time and energy in starting your equipment.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful performance delivery due to a capable gas engine with purefire function
  • Anti-vibration system that prevents engine from overheating
  • It features a Walbro carburetor
  • CARB Tier III compliant
  • The equipment is lightweight
  • Long, straight shaft with a length of 60 inches
  • 13 ft of 0.95 mm thick string with a semi-automatic loading
  • Versatile, Compatible with other attachments
  • Multi-purpose, transformable to other lawn maintenance tools
  • S-start recoil system for starting with minimal effort
  • It features a debris shield
  • Mixture of gasoline and oil for fuel
  • Despite passing emission test, it does still produce greenhouse emissions
  • A relatively small cutting width of 15 inches
  • Users report that the line feed is a little bit tricky
  • Cutting head is only compatible to Metabo HTP attachments
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The Verdict

The Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL is a powerful gas string trimmer. Unlike other trimmers in the market, the CG23ECPSL is able to deliver high quality performance for a long period of time. It is equipped with various engine features that make it an effective and nifty weed eater.

It does, however, have its weaknesses and shortcomings such as a small cutting span and a limited interchangeable cutting head. As the saying goes, we cannot have it all. So if you are willing to overlook some of its minor cons, it can prove to be one of the best string trimmers that you can get your hands on.


Frequently Asked Questions about Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL

Q: Does the CG23ECPSL automatically feed the line?

A: Yes. It has a semi-automatic string loading. When the trimmer senses that the head needs more string, it automatically shoots out additional string to feed to the head.

Q: Can the CG23ECPSL be attached with a brush cutter head?
A: No. Sadly, this model is only compatible to four (4) Metabo attachments. For now, head attachments are only limited to turning your trimmer into an edger, hedge trimmer, pole saw, and a mini-cultivator tool. To install them, all you have to do is remove the trimmer head and attach desired head attachment.

Q: What kind of fuel is required?
A: This model runs on a 2-stroke engine; hence, it needs a mixture of both gasoline and oil for it to work. It requires a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil. You can use a non-ethanol blended, high octane gas like Tanaka oil. You can also purchase premixed fuel in the market if you are having a hard time figuring out the proper measurement for the mix or if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Q: Are there any accessories I should buy?
A: For added functionality of your CG23ECPSL, you can purchase head attachments from Metabo HTP as well. You can use these to turn your trimmer into other lawn maintenance tools. You should also consider buying a spare string for this model only holds 13 ft of string.

Q: Where can I buy the Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL?
A: You can easily purchase the Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL in Amazon.

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