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Hercules Hose Reviews [Stainless Steel] 2021

The hercules is a great choice!Here is our more detailed summary of the Hercules stainless steel hose reviews. The Pocket Hose Hercules Hose Stainless Steel Garden Hose is a relatively new metal garden hose. It has a length of 25 – 75 ft. It weighs per 25 ft. It’s structured as latex inner tubing with braided mesh encased in a durable 304 stainless steel interlocking armor and metal casing. Like other metal garden hoses, it claims to be lightweight, flexible, tear-resistant, and rust-proof.

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​The Hercules Hose is manufactured by BulbHead. The hose comes with a reel, which makes storing and carrying it easier. It also has a pressure spray hose nozzle and aluminum connectors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Construction material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Available in different hose lengths: 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft
  • Weight is an estimated 3.0 lbs per 25 ft of hose
  • Steel hose sheath with a 5/8 – inch exterior diameter
  • Interlocking metal casing armor exterior
  • Pressure spray hose nozzle
  • Aluminum hose connectors with plastic grip
  • Plastic hose reel inclusion


​Features of the Hercules Hose

Hose Length

The Hercules Hose is available in various lengths: 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft. They have a flexible length of options to serve whatever purpose you may have for them.

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Compact and Lightweight

The Hercules hose weighs an estimated 3.0 lbs per 25 ft, and comes with a hose reel depending on the length purchased. Aside from the Hercules hoses lightweight feature, the hose reel inclusion makes rolling it up and carrying it around so much easier. This makes it a good choice for a portable garden hose.

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Hercules hose, like other metal garden hoses, claims that it is virtually indestructible. It has a metal casing armor exterior with an interlocking design to protect the rubber hose interior and provide extra durability through the years. It claims to be kink-free and resistant to corrosion and tearing. It is manufactured from 304 stainless steel, which is considered as an extremely durable material. However, the Hercules Hose is relatively new to the market and has little reviews about how good it is performing.


The Hercules hose encases an inner latex tubing with braided mesh and is flexible as it comes. It’s sufficiently flexible and is fairly easy to roll up. The hose reel inclusion also gives it extra points for faster reeling and storage after use.

Water Pressure

Unlike other metal garden hoses that have a nozzle that spouts little drizzle, the Hercules Hose boasts a powerful pressure spray nozzle.

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The Hercules Hose has aluminum connectors each with a plastic grip and can fit both male and female ends. The plastic grip provides an added anti-leak feature.


  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • ​Interlocking armor metal casing
  • ​Pressure spray nozzle
  • Corrosion and rust proof
  • Plastic grip with anti-leak feature fits both female and male hose ends
  • Plastic hose reel


  • ​Narrow interior hose tubing
  • ​Quality complaints
  • ​Poor customer rating

The Verdict

The Hercules Hose is fairly new to the market, but has received poor customer rating and quality complaints. The complaints range from breaking, leaking, and tearing to inner narrow tubing and pressure problems. It has 12 months warranty, and the company promises a refund for the hose if you are not satisfied with the product.

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Even though it has garnered a few negative responses, we have yet to see the true potential of the Hercules Hose. However, it is a little expensive compared to its competitors, especially with its low quality rating.


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