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Greenworks 25022 Reviews (2021 Updated)

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Welcome to our Greenworks 25022 review. This corded lawn mower is a well-rounded mower that has a range of features in terms of work capacity, efficiency, and user comfort that make it a great pick for the average person. It’s easy-to-use, sleek, and makes everyday lawn care tasks a breeze so that yard work can be completed easily and without stress.

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Many consumers wrongfully assume that in order to have a powerful mower you need to sacrifice comfort and utility. However, this mower is proof that with a lot of clever design and a little creativity, you don’t have to trade off one positive characteristic to receive another.

By choosing a machine like this one, you also invite the opportunity to minimize operating expenses since it runs solely on electricity. Beyond leaving your lawn nicely manicured with an even cut, it also has mulching capabilities so that you can do two jobs at once.

Treat yourself and your grass to an overall fantastic mower that is user-friendly, powerful enough to take on major mowing jobs, and environmentally-friendly since it leaves zero carbon footprint. The Greenworks 25022 corded lawn mower truly allows you to have it all.

These perks in mind, read over the rest of our Greenworks 25022 review to learn more about this machine.


Greenworks 25022 Reviewed - Over-roll Features

12-amp motor — The motor that serves as the power source for this workhorse mower does not disappoint. Anyone who has had to slice through taller, thick grass or in damp mowing conditions knows how valuable it is to have a bit more power in a mower. This motor is what allows this Greenworks mower to keep working in a situation where other mowers would lock up and shut off.

Steel, 20-inch cutting deck — The durable 20-inch cutting deck on this mower is a testament to the machine’s overall superior durability. Its wide cutting path can easily cut grass from 1.75 inches to about 3.5 inches. As a result, you can expect to plow through your mowing more efficiently by cutting fewer paths.

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3-1 clipping discharge design — Depending on the nature of your mowing job, it’s always great to have options for how you discharge your clippings. Thanks to this mower’s 3-in-1 system, users can choose between rear bagging, side discharge, or mulching. The Greenworks 25022 has you covered no matter what your preference.

7-level height adjustment — The ability to accurately adjust your mower to the desired cutting height cannot be overvalued. Many mowers only offer 3–4 different adjustment options, but with this one, you can enjoy the benefit of enhanced mowing precision by choosing from 7 different height options. This is one of many details that allows the Greenworks 25022 to give your lawn the perfectly-manicured look that all property owners idealize.

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Push button start — The wasting of valuable work time while trying to start a stubborn mower is a problem that you will never encounter with this machine. It’s designed to start with the simple push of a button so that you can direct your energy and concentration solely upon the task of tending to your grass.

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10” rear wheels / 7” front wheels — This mower is equipped with wheels that are slightly larger than those of other comparable models on the market today. As a result, users can drive up hills and over rougher terrain with ease. The combination of these tires along with the powerful 12-amp motor makes the Greenworks 25022 a relentless powerhouse in terms of cutting through less-than-ideal conditions and getting the job done.

Foldable handles — When you’ve finished working for the day and are ready to put this mower away, you simply need to fold up the handles and store it. This saves valuable garage space so that you can access your other tools more easily.

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Let’s continue this Greenworks 25022 review to see the pros and cons of this mower.


  • The 12-amp motor packs a good deal of power so that the mower can move uphill and through wet mowing conditions
  • The large tires keep things moving as you mow through thick grass and weeds. They don’t let the mower get bogged down by a heavier workload
  • The 7-level height adjustment allows users to set the blade height more accurately to the height of their lawn
  • A 3-in-1 discharge system allows for multiple clipping disposal options, including mulching, rear bagging, and sideways discharge
  • Since it’s electrically powered, it has zero carbon footprint


  • This is a corded model; therefore, you need to have access to a nearby electrical outlet and can only mow as far as an extension cord will allow
  • The 12-amp motor draws a lot of electrical power and may have a risk of tripping a circuit breaker depending upon the electrical setup of your property


The Greenworks 25022 is overall a fantastic option for people who want to tend to their lawn with a sleek, modern, and user-friendly machine. It can handle a variety of conditions, is a corded model, and boasts several unique features that allow for an even, pristine cut.

The 12-amp motor packs a huge punch in terms of giving this mower the strength needed to put in a lot of work. Combine that power with its large tires (10” rear and 7” front, respectively), and the result is a unit that can handle uphill mowing and wet grass without a problem. Many weaker mowers can easily be overwhelmed by less-than-perfect conditions, but the Greenworks 25022 can take on the job at hand with relative ease.

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The 20-inch steel cutting deck is very durable and allows for a wide cutting path so that you can maintain your lawn with efficiency and speed. On top of that, the blades can easily be adjusted to 7 different heights. As a result, this mower combines its high power with the ability to precisely customize the height of the blades to meet the needs of your lawn. These are the design details that allow property owners to noticeably raise the overall appearance of their lawn without spending hours working on it.

Because this mower is 100% electrically powered, there is no need to fuss with buying gas and filling the mower. No gas means no emissions, and this creates a noticeable difference in the quality of the air that the user breathes while mowing. Greenworks 25022 has zero carbon footprint, so this also brings environmental benefits in addition to saving users a good amount of money that would otherwise be spent on fuel for the mower.

In terms of being user-friendly, there are a couple of features worth noting. First off, the push button start could not be any simpler. At the touch of a button, the Greenworks 25022 is turned on and ready to begin working for you. The endless pulling of a stubborn pull cord is no longer part of the lawn mowing process thanks to this feature. It also has foldable handles so that when users are finished mowing, they can neatly fold up the mower into an easily-storable unit and maximize their storage space as a result.


Looking over our Greenworks 25022 review, we recommend this corded mower for people who enjoy a precise, clean cut yard and have access to a nearby electrical outlet for the mower.  It’s highly maneuverable and extremely easy to use. This allows users to save some time by finishing lawn care tasks efficiently and without any hassle. In addition to all of the features which add to this mower’s superior utility and efficiency, it’s also fitted to take on rugged terrain and power through jobs which would overwhelm other similar mowers. In any case, it is best suited to those who have small to medium-sized yards due to the logistical restrictions of it being electrically-powered rather than battery-powered.

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