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Black Decker LPHT120 Review (Updated 2021)

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For most property owners, the ideal hedge trimmer is one that can complete standard trimming jobs quickly and efficiently while allowing for a comfortable, simple user experience. In this situation, a lightweight hedge trimmer such as the Black Decker LPHT120 is a wise choice because it can be used for extended periods without causing excessive user fatigue. Aside from being comfortable, efficient, and lightweight, it also packs a long-lasting battery so that the unit can power through more lengthy jobs that require a bit more time and attention.

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Thanks to the extra-long blade shaft, it allows users to work mostly from the ground when trimming branches up to 10 feet tall. This is primarily a safety advantage, as it minimizes the amount of ladder use that might be necessary. This is an especially valuable benefit when operating a power tool like a hedge trimmer.

Read our Black Decker LPHT120 review to take a deeper look into this tool and its technical specs, cutting power, and other relevant details. With our review, you can decide if this trimmer might be well-suited to your needs as a property owner.


Features - Black Decker LPHT120 Reviews

The Black & Decker LPHT120 possesses a number of useful features that make it a well-rounded trimmer for a variety of different conditions. From the dual-action blade to the 20V rechargeable battery, this trimmer can put in loads of work so that you can take your hedges and bushes to the next level.

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18-inch dual-action blades — These blades extend to greater lengths so that users don’t have to stretch or climb very much in order to remove higher branches. Not only that, but it also saves the trouble of bending over to get lower branches or weeds that need to be eliminated. Skip the soreness of stretching into uncomfortable trimming positions and let this machine work for you.

20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery — The battery that powers this unit allows for a longer lifespan and charge retention compared to that of NiCad batteries. Many advocates of corded trimmers are quick to preach that cordless trimmers are a hassle because of the need to recharge the battery, but this one holds enough charge to power through tougher jobs without any signs of slowing down

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Useable shaft length of 6 1/2 feet — The extended shaft can effectively trim up to a height of 10 feet, and this can make a huge difference in your trimming experience. The biggest hassle of hedge and branch trimming that many consumers dread is that it can often require a lot of stretching and climbing on ladders to reach all the spots to complete a job. Not only is this generally uncomfortable, but it contributes to a higher risk of injury. With the Black & Decker LPHT120, users reap the enormous benefits of foregoing all that unnecessary exertion. This shaft can also be disassembled for convenient storage when the trimmer is not in use.

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Cuts branches up to 7/16-inch thick — For dealing with many average-sized hedge and bush branches, having a unit that can slice through quickly and efficiently is often more useful than having a heavy powerhouse of a machine that can rip through abnormally large branches. If this sounds like the size of branches you expect to tend to on your property, then go for a trimmer like the Black & Decker LPHT120 that boasts superior agility and mobility as you cut your way to a better-looking property. In theory, it can also cut through branches thicker than 7/16 of an inch. However, as the branch thickness increases beyond that diameter, you can expect the cutting time to slow down as a result.

Pivoting head — The pivoting head of this trimmer can be set to five different positions, thus allowing for enhanced comfort and use at a variety of angles. This makes the task of accessing harder-to-reach spots markedly easier compared to using a trimmer with a fixed head. This further reduces user discomfort and stress caused by unnecessary stretching and movement.Let's move on to the pros and cons portion of our Black Decker LPHT120 review.


  • The 20V battery is compatible with a number of other Black & Decker products, so avid Black & Decker power tool users can enjoy the benefit of using it as a spare power source for other compatible tools
  • The lightweight design (specifically 7.7 pounds) allows for extended use with minimal user fatigue
  • The extended shaft measures out to 6 1/2 feet and allows users to reach higher branches safely and easily without exerting themselves through excessive stretching
  • The 180-degree, five-position adjustable head can be set to give the trimmer access to hard-to-reach spots, thus allowing for enhanced precision and a better overall trimming job


  • Due to the way that the weight of the unit is distributed, it can be tiring to operate if it is held overhead for extended periods of time in order to reach higher branches
  • The trigger must be held down constantly in order to continue operating this trimmer, and this design feature can lead to grip fatigue in cases of extended use
  • There is no way to reduce the length of the 6 1/2 -foot shaft, so trimming up close can be difficult if you’re approaching a spot at a hard-to-reach angle
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The Black & Decker LPHT120 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a wonderful option for users who don’t need excessive power from their trimmer. It is for those who demand the ability to work from the ground, minimize strenuous stretching in order to reach branches, and have a lightweight unit that doesn’t need to be put down every 10 minutes due to user fatigue. Users love that many of its features allow for enhanced comfort and an overall safer user experience.

For example, the blade shaft is longer than that of other comparable models, and this allows the trimmer to reach high branches without the use of a ladder. Although it can get tiring to hold even a lightweight model like this overhead for extended periods, it’s still much safer than standing atop a ladder while trying to operate a hedge trimmer. Working from the ground also allows for overall enhanced stability during use and higher precision when cutting branches.

Additionally, the adjustable head can be set to effectively gain access to cramped trimming areas that can only be reached at a certain angle. By having an adjustable trimmer that can properly fit into hard-to-reach areas, the result will look much nicer compared to “doing the best that you can” with a fixed-head trimmer.

The dual-edged blade can easily slice through branches with a thickness 7/16 of an inch. For property owners who intend to cut mostly average-sized branches, this unit packs enough punch to get the job done. Be sure to note that in place of having the extra power to cut very thick branches, this trimmer offers enhanced comfort and user safety.

This Black & Decker cordless trimmer also features a long-lasting 20V ion lithium battery that provides power throughout longer trimming jobs. Don’t forget that it is compatible with a number of other Black & Decker tools, so investing in compatible tools can help cut costs.

The design of this trimmer also reduces vibrations by as much as 40% compared to other similar hedge trimmers on the market. This further enhances its overall user comfort by reducing user grip fatigue during extended periods of use.


All things considered, the Black & Decker LPHT120 will allow you to minimize the physical stress that you put on yourself while allowing you the freedom to make precise cuts in difficult-to-access spots. While it may not be the trimmer on the market that packs the most cutting power, it makes up for that in its efficiency, comfort, and ability to produce precise, clean-cut trimming results. We hope your buying decision will be easier with our Black Decker LPHT120 review.

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