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Best Sump Pumps for Crawl Space in 2022

Water that collects on the surface in your crawlspace may cause all kinds of issues.The odor, allergies, insects or even damage to your structure are only some of the issues that pop out of my mind.You require an efficient sump pump in order to keep it clean and healthy.

This article will be sharing with you the top sump pumps designed for crawl spaces currently available. When selecting one for our houses, we review their performance based on the amount of liquid they could pump in a given time, their quality of their construction, as well as how easy they are to use.

Do I really require an underground sump pump?

If your region is prone to rainfall or has high levels of water it is likely that you'll need an automatic sump pump installed in the crawlspace. The same applies if you have any plumbing there. If the pipes are leaking and you need to find an option to remove the water prior to causing issues.

Our house is the most valuable home we have and it's only appropriate that we care for it with the utmost care. it. One of the main reasons for home damage is moisture. A damp and humid atmosphere encourages the growth of wood rot, mold, and even termite growth, resulting in severe health issues or structural damage.

What is a sump pump and how does it operate in a crawlspace?

If you set up an sump pump, the stagnant water which normally collects in the lower areas in your crawlspace can instead be channeled to the sump pit. The pump drains the water out of the pit through pipe or by a hose. It then releases it to the outside, where it will not cause issues.

Liberty CSP237Zoeller 108001Liberty 257
The best overall selectionGreat alternative w/ longer cordThe best pump for standalone use1800 GPH at 10 feet2040 GPH at 10 feet2250 GPH at 10 feetHousing in aluminumHousing made of cast ironHousing made of cast ironEditor Rating: 4.7Editor Rating: 4.6Editor Rating: 4.6

The Best Sump Pumps for Crawl Space

1. Liberty CSP 237

Best complete crawl space kit

  • Pros
  • 1800 gph at 10ft in elevation
  • Highly efficient -- as much as 40% less power consumption
  • Included is an 16.5" x 15" liner
  • Check valve included.
  • Cons
  • Power cord is 10'

The Liberty CSP 237 is the best option in crawl space sump pumps kits. It has an efficient 1/3 HP motor which performs extremely well even when the basin is smaller. It's very efficient and requires up 40% less electricity as other pumps with similar size , which means you'll aren't having to think about.

The motor housing is super cool due to its aluminum construction with fins that provide as high as 225% greater heat dissipation. It's an absolute game changer to keep the motor in good condition for a long period of time. It also comes with a long-lasting sump liner, as well as the hose is longer than 24 feet. The kit only comes with an 8' cord but I feel that its cost performance, quality, and performance more than make up for the small amount.

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2. Zoeller The 108-001 Space Crawl Pump Kit

The best alternative is to use an extra long power cord

  • Pros
  • 2040 GPH at 10 feet of in elevation
  • Housing made of cast iron
  • 14.9" x 15.6" pit with cover
  • 25' power cord
  • Cons
  • It does not include a check valve

Zoeller is among the most reliable names in the sump pump market and their crawl space kit will not let you down.This Zoeller 108-0001 kit is a part of an Zoeller M53 which is a durable and reliable pump that is capable of delivering up 2040 GPH at 10 feet of elevation.

It is considered to be one of the top sump pumps over the years It is believed that the M53 has a quality that very few pumps even come close to.It is constructed with an iron cast housing that has sleeve bearings in order to ensure the most quiet and cool operation.

The slotted basin helps keep debris and rocks outside while letting water through.The set also includes an 24' hose as well as an adapter to hose that lets the connection to the discharge of the pump.The liner measures 14.9'' by 15.6 inches -- ideal for crawl spaces.

3. Liberty 257

Best overall stand-alone pump

  • Pros
  • Excellent flow and pressure
  • Great for small basins.
  • Reliable switch
  • Super quiet operation
  • Cons
  • Only 3 inches of off-range

If you're looking for an engine like the CSP237 but without the kit and kit, it is the Liberty 257 is perfect for you. It can pump a massive amount of water with a speed of 2250 gph and as high as 10 feet, and for just 5.2 A. However, thanks to its permanent greased ball bearings, it'll run as quiet and cool as a sump pump could be.

Its Liberty 257 sump pump has been receiving rave reviews from its users for many years. Due to this and other features it offers it's one of the most reliable pumps that you can buy for your crawl space.

4. Wayne CDU790

Best solution to deal with heavy flooding

  • Pros
  • Very large capacity for flow
  • Fantastic performance
  • No air lock
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • Steel coated with a coating may rust quickly

Wayne is a household name for its economical and powerful pumps that last as long as most expensive of them. Its CDU790 is a strong pump that can move up to 3060 Gallons per hour at a distance of 10 feet, which is about half the speed of the pump in the market -- and at just 3.65 amps. It is built with sturdy quality and plenty of tricks to play with. It has the airlock-free operation as well as the reliable switch with the best range, as well as the quiet operation.

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This Wayne model is the best sump pump to use in your crawl space, if you require more power. A reliable and efficient pump that comes with great features for less than the cost.

5. Little Giant 1490655 CS-SS

Best kit for heavier flooding

  • Pros
  • 2520 gph @ 10'
  • 18" x 22" pit with cover
  • Housing made of cast iron
  • 20' power cord
  • Cons
  • The Basin is bigger than the ideal

This Little Giant 14940655 crawl space sump pump provides a powerful pump within an effective corrosion-resistant basin. It offers you 24 hours security from basement flooding, and allows you to enjoy your life with no need the worry of your house.

The basin is more suitable for crawl spaces particularly because of the high point of 22 inches. But, for those with some extra space in the pit the dimensions are right to let more water to enter the pit.

Practical accessories

Jackel Perforated Basin SF15-DR 17" x 16"

  • Pros
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Very robust
  • Lets you use the pump of your choice
  • Cons
  • You'll need to purchase additional parts on your own

If you own an existing pump or want to use another submersible sump other than those that are included in packages, you may consider looking into this Jackel SF 15-DR Sump Pump Liner.

It's size is 17 inches by 16 feet It will fit into most crawl spaces. It includes perforations that are ready to let the water flow in and keep solids out. The basin can be equipped to handle up to 15 gals of water. It is made of extremely durable and heavy-duty structural foam. It's perfect for it's Cover for the basin SF185S.

Buyer's Guide

Build Quality

The pump should have an excellent build quality and no obvious design imperfections. The heavy-duty sump pumps are scarce and even harder to locate in the midst of the options, but they're worth every cent.

A pump must be one that is able to withstand the harsh surroundings beneath your crawl space. There are many things in the crawl space that could easily harm equipment, however an effective sump pump can withstand.


The pump must give us the confidence to rest comfortably even on the most stormy nights. The motor should be excellent quality and have top-of-the-line bearings that are silent and last as long as is possible. The switch must be properly designed to ensure the highest level of performance within the tight space of a small area like a crawlspace basin.


The pump ought to be able to supply enough water while using as little power as feasible. Many fast sucking pumps look amazing, but it's not just the water that is pumped but when the electricity bill arrives, your cash is also sucked.


The installation is the last consideration to consider when selecting a sump pumps because a large portion of us install the pump by ourselves. The crawl space typically has little room to move about which is the reason it's crucial that the basin is exactly the right size to allow for ease of handling in the small space.

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