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Best Small Sump Pumps in 2022

Small sump pumps work well to guard from water damage in the event that you have only a tiny amount of water entering your basement. The pump won't add to your electric cost as much, while the equipment is less expensive also.

A majority of these pumps be installed without difficulty within smaller basins. Its Liberty 247 can even work in 10-inch basins - perfect when you have a 5 gallon bucket basin, thanks to its slim vertical float switch. Here are the top little sump pump:

Liberty 247Flotec FPZS25TSuperior 92550
Best OverallBest for Heavy FloodingBest Budget1440 gph @ 10'2150 gph @ 10'1200 gph @ 10'Fits into 10" basinsFits into 14" basinsFits into 14" basinsEditor Rating: 5.0Editor Rating: 4.8Editor Rating: 4.4

Best Small Sump Pump Reviews

1. Liberty 247

  • Pros
  • Housing with unibody
  • Steel intake made of stainless
  • Work is done in 10" basins
  • Don't suck debris from below.
  • Quick disconnect cord
  • Cons
  • 3.5" vertical range of the switch

The Liberty 247 is a solid casting iron sump pump that performs flawlessly in smaller sump pits because of its compact vertical float switch.

The submersible pump is equipped with an uni-body cast iron housing which reduces the requirement for a seal in the lower area, resulting in less chances for water to split when time passes. The intake is made of stainless steel which permits it to be nearly free of corrosion which could be able to cover the holes as time passes in the cast iron pumps.

It's quiet and performs its job well it pumps 1440 gallons an hour at a height of 10 feet.

The cord's length is 10 feet. If you believe you require more, you can use an attachment with a quick disconnect that permits simple replacement without damaging the seals on the motor.

Liberty 257 is a solid small, compact, and robust sump pump that is ideal to be used in basins that are not standard that are not larger than 10 inches.

2. Flotec FPZS25T

  • Pros
  • 2,150 gph @ 10'
  • Zinc housing
  • Work is carried out in 14" basins
  • 9" float range
  • Cons
  • Switch requires space

This Flotec FPZS25T is an extremely strong submersible sump pumps that has a 1/4 HP capacity which you can utilize when you have high-pressure applications, but a small basin. If you don't have to move the water to much or to a great distance it is possible to think about a pump with lower flow rates to prevent shorter cycles.

It is made of a durable thermoplastic base and an Zinc housing, which permits for faster heat dissipation , which results in a longer motor's life. The impeller is made of plastic and it is expected to last until there aren't any solids in the pit.

The switch's tethered design is extremely reliable, but it's not suitable for small basins. However, it will be able to work with an area of 14 inches. The benefit of the tethered switch is it lets the pump switch off and on less often.

In the end, the Flotec FZS25T is a solid sump pump, which does a fantastic job at keeping water out. It's a good mid-range alternative to our top choice which is Liberty 247. Liberty 247.

3. Superior 92250

  • Pros
  • 1,200 gph @ 10'
  • Continuous duty motor
  • Work is carried out in 14" basins
  • Very inexpensive
  • Cons
  • 4" Tethering range switch
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Superior 92250 is a compact thermoplastic submersible sump pump that you could purchase if you're looking for durable pump, while remaining within your budget. It's a completely thermoplastic design that is ideal for corrosion, but won't let heat out as effectively as zinc or cast iron. This should not be a problem in the event that the pump needs to be running a couple of times each hour.

It features a tethered switch design, however unlike the Flotec FPZS25T , which features a 9-inch range it only has a 4 inch distance between the off and on points. This superior pump will allow the pump to run twice as frequently in comparison against the other. The best part is that it's designed for continuous duty unlike other pumps at this price.

For small basins that contain a tiny amount of water in it it is recommended to use the Superior 92250 is one of the best that you can buy for the price you can afford. The thermoplastic base has an Zinc housing that allows for faster heating and dissipation, which will increase the motor's life. The impeller is made of plastic however it will last for indefinitely if there aren't any solids in the pit.

4. Liberty 237

  • Pros
  • Compact and powerful
  • Motor that is highly efficient
  • Excellent cooling design
  • Works are performed in 10" basins
  • Cons
  • 3.5" vertical range of the switch

Liberty 237 Liberty 237 offers a more robust 1/3 HP motor in place that the 1/2 HP motor that Liberty 247 uses. This is ideal for those who have a small sump and need to pump the water from high or far. The vertical range of the floating switch is just 3.5 inches, but Liberty is certain to make sure that it is a good fit.

To prevent the possibility of overheating due to shorter cycles the tiny sump pump is fitted with an aluminum housing that is finned. Aluminum has a high cooling capacity and the fins provide more areas to get into contact with water, resulting in an even more rapid rate of cooling that protects the motor. It can cool up to 225 percent faster than conventional casting iron sump pumps.

It also has an extremely efficient motor that draws up 40 percent less energy which means you'll have one less thing about.

5. Wayne CDU790

  • Pros
  • 2250 gph @ 15'
  • 5" vertical switch range
  • Work within 11" basins
  • Cons
  • May short-cycle

Wayne CDU790 Wayne CDU790 is a very powerful submersible pump with a 1/3 HP capacity which can be used for small pit applications. It is built with steel, and has a durable motor housing that has an epoxy finish, and the base is made of cast iron construction to provide long-lasting protection from the elements.

If you're in a situation where you have to drain the water more then 15 feet the majority of small sump pumps are unable to succeed with water removal. The 2220 gph at 15' of this pump however will complete perfect job. Be sure to utilize it for less than because it's likely to not endure the continuous running of the motor, which can cause overheating.

As with every other Wayne sump pumps, this one also has an upper suction design.

The switch reduces the risk of air lock occurring in the discharge pipe that is the most common reason for basement floods. The switch is also tested to 1 million cycles which is a testament to its durability.

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Why would you need the smallest sump pump?

The major benefit of using the small sump pump in smaller basins is that it has a longer time of life. A larger pump does not just create more space in your pit but can also move water more quickly.

The pump could be causing it to shut off and on more often, which is commonly known as short cycling. This can result in the pump to get hot and then break down its insulation, causing the damage. This is among the main reasons that sump pumps can fail in as little as two years.

Buyer's Guide

I've provided ratings for each pump based on all crucial criteria that will aid you in choosing the right pump. These ratings are based on specifications of the product and real reviews from customers of the product.

Build Quality

Before we evaluate the performance and features of the product it is essential to be sure that it's solid construction and no obvious flaws in design. Sump pumps that are heavy duty aren't common and are harder to locate in the midst of the choices, yet they're absolutely worth every cent.

Every component of a high duty sump pump should be impervious to corrosion and build-up , while being robust enough to withstand erosion and impact.

The individual parts should be made from materials that are suitable to their intended use. For instance, in addition to protecting the inside of the motor the motor housing, it must also promote the transfer of heat to aid in the process of cooling motors. Float switches also need to be impervious to punctures as well as build-up of gunk and dirt.


It is essential to have a sump pump system you can trust every time. If you wish to rest comfortably even through dark nights, it is essential to get a pump that has the finest features.

The motor should have adequate protections, including an overload protectionsystem, as well as bearings that permit it to be as quiet as is possible.

The switch should be made for the purpose and allow the pump to do its work without any problems. The switch must also be small to operate without a hitch in small sump pits.


A reliable sump pump designed for basement uses must be able to do its job efficiently. More than that is an efficient pump. It's a way to transport the same amount groundwater with less power.

There is an upper limit however, a well-designed and efficient pump can bring us closer to our ideals without having to sacrifice its life. Two main elements which are relevant is the draw current as well as the flow rate of the pump which is basically the output and input.

Ease of Installation

The installation is the last consideration to consider when selecting the crawl space or basement sump pump. Because a majority of us will be installing the pump by ourselves it is essential to choose a pump that is easy to set up will prove beneficial.

Dimensions, weight and dimensions suggested dimensions of the basin, the length of the cord as well as the discharge connector and even the manual for users are all taken into consideration when determining the rating.

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