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Best Shrubs For Full Sun In Front Of House

Planting the best shrubs in front of your house creates a blossoming welcome mat for guests. Shrubs for full sun, like Ogon or Purple Smoke Bushes, usually soften the severe edge where the house meets the ground. These, along with series Rosa Knock Out and Green-and-White Charmer, are the best shrubs to generate pleasant vibes that show the owners care about the appearance of their personal property.

It is important to know about the suitable mix of such shrubs that can affect a house’s curb appeal in a positive or negative manner

People who have an interest in gardening and farming need to gain better insight about the best shrubs that require full sunlight and can easily survive in front of the house. The list includes prominent names like Soft Touch Holly, Crimson Fire Loropetalim, Creeping Gardenia, Georgia Petite Indian Hawthorn and many more. These are the best shrubs that tie a house with the natural surroundings and enhance the overall image of a property.

The 6 Best Shrubs For Full Sun In Front Of House

1. Crimson Fire Loropetalum

Crimson Fire Loropetalum

Crimson Fire Loropetalum is a relatively new variant of Loropetalum, which stands 2-3' tall by 2.3' wide. This particular shrub maintains its unique reddish-purple color all year long and can absorb full sunlight to remain alive and blooming.





2. Soft Touch Holly

On the other hand, Soft Touch Holly shrub usually forms in a naturally Soft Touch Hollysmaller size, clocking in at 2' tall by 3' wide. It can also take full sunlight and looks similar to shrubs like Carissa Holly, Dwarf Holly, and Japanese Holly.

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3. Creeping Gardenia

Creeping Gardenia

Creeping Gardenia is another great flowering shrub that reaches 2' tall by 2-3' wide. It can take partial to complete sunlight to remain active and survive long in front of the house. Its white flowers make the shrub look even more beautiful and appealing.



4. Georgia Indian HawthornGeorgia Indian Hawthorn

Georgia Indian Hawthorn is also considered one of the best flowering shrubs that can be placed in front of the house to enhance its appearance and give welcoming vibes to others. This particular shrub is small in form and usually blooms in the spring season while reaching the maximum size of 2.5' in height and 3.5' in width. It can also survive well in full sunlight and gives a pleasant look when planted in front of a house.



5. Kaleidoscope AbeliaKaleidoscope Abelia

Kaleidoscope Abelia is another colorful shrub that can reach a maximum height of 2.5’ by 3.5' width. It needs full light of the sun and seems eye-catching when planted along with Loropetalum.





6. HydrangeaHydrangea

All kinds of hydrangea are very beautiful. If the hydrangea planted is acidic, it is pink; it is light blue when it is alkaline. The gradient scale, depending on the soil’s acidity, is very beautiful.



All these shrubs enhance the scenery of the surroundings and often generate striking impacts on those who pass by them. Whichever you choose, it is important to keep in mind some tips whenever planting shrubs in front of your house.

When a person prepares to plant a shrub, they should think about its suitable size: some shrubs look pleasant in the nursery, but why they are planted in front of the house, they soon lose their attractiveness and wither. Read labels carefully and choose shrubs that are not going to cover the window panes or doorways.

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The purpose must be clear before planting shrubs that require full sun, whether the goal is to add beautiful greenery or completely cover an ugly foundation. No matter the goal, the shrubs need to be evergreen and able to survive all through the year. This makes the landscape always appear “greener” and “attractive” as well.

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