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Top 4 Best Rototiller for Large Garden (2022 Reviews Updated)

Growing up, my grandma always had a full-fledged garden every spring and summer, and in every spring and summer, I saw her struggle with her tiny, little rototiller. It would take her days of effort to till her garden to where she could begin to plan her flowers and vegetables.

Best Rototiller for Large Garden

  1. Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller (<< In Stock [todaysdate format="F, jS Y"])
  2. Mantis 7250-00-02 3-Speed Electric Tiller (<< In Stock [todaysdate format="F, jS Y"])
  3. Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator (Out of Stock
  4. Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller (Out of Stock

As much as I loved my grandmother’s gardens, I implore you not to live that life. There’s no need to struggle with a small rototiller in a large garden. In today’s market, there are all kinds of larger rototillers that are meant to till large gardens.

However, size isn’t everything. There are several features and designs of rototillers that let them tackle the needs of a large garden. Below, you’ll find our favorites specifically the best rototiller for large garden.

Best Rototiller for Large Garden 2022

1. Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller

Another absolute monster of a rototiller, the Southland SRTT196E will till any large garden into submission. Its 11in tine width helps reduce the number of passes needed for a large garden, and the large pneumatic tires make it ideal for tilling rough or rugged terrain that has not previously been tilled. The counter-rotating tines also make breaking through tough ground easy.

The tines can be put into forward tilling and reverse tilling positions helps to till hard dirt or clay, and an easy to position depth regulator helps to maintain the exact tilling depth you need. Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller is a big, powerful, heavy machine. If your garden is large, full of difficult soil, and doesn’t have small nooks and tiny places for tight maneuvering, the Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller may be calling your name!


2. Mantis 7250-00-02 3-Speed Electric Tiller

Best rototiller product for gardening in large soil gardens.

This small, compact, electrically powered rototiller is anything but weak. It can cultivate as deep as 10 inches and can do so easily with its 240 rpm tilling speed. Being light-weight makes it easy to maneuver, even in the tight spaces of a larger garden.

With the simple push of a button, this electric tiller is easy to start and safe to use. Since it can dig through hard dirt (and even clay) so easily, even large gardens will be tilled in no time flat. And coming in at only 21lbs, it’s easy to take anywhere you need tilling.

And finally, for the entire life of the Mantis tiller, if you happen to break a tine, Mantis will replace them for free. Plan on having this tiller for years to come!

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If compact, lightweight, powerful, and guaranteed quality or on your list of must-have’s, then so should the Mantis 7250 as well!


3. Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

Best large rototillers cultivator for wide soil gardens

Another super-lightweight Mantis tiller, this gas-powered roto-tiller also gets the job easily done. It has a 9in tilling width, allowing for wide-swaths of your large garden to be tilled with each pass. Since it’s only 20lbs, pushing the tiller around a larger garden makes for an easy chore.

Not only is it light, but its compact size also lets you get into every nook and cranny of your large garden. It has large, flared handles that allow for easy and precise handling, and supports many different attachments that can meet the wide variety of needs a large garden presents. When tilling is done, it folds up for easy, convenient storage. Another powerful, compact, lightweight option from Mantis is sure to please. A good option if you prefer gas-powered over an electric motor.


4.  Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller

A great tiller cultivator product for large gardens that need a better rototiller for wide areas.

The tiller with the widest tilling width available on our list, the Husqvarna FT900-CA can handle even the largest gardens. Its width can be adjusted from 12in, to 24in, and to 26in, and has a drag bar and counterweight getting into hard soil easier than ever.

The Husqvarna FT900-CA won’t need to shy away from large gardens full of difficult soil, either. Its monster 208 CC Briggs and Stratton engine will make quick work of even the most stubborn soils, leaving only high-quality soil in its wake.

If your desired features on a rototiller are “big” and “monstrously powerful,” then the Husqvarna FT900-CA is going to be a great fit.


Garden Rototiller Buying guide

If you’ve already read this far, you’ve been presented with several great options for tilling a large garden. However, as good as these rototillers are, you want to be sure you get the best rototiller for your gardening needs. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions to make sure that you purchase the rototiller that will be the perfect choice for your large garden:

What is the shape of your large garden?

If your garden is more or less a square or rectangle, then getting a rototiller with big, wide tines is going to be ideal for cutting downtime needed to till a large area. However, if your large garden has a unique shape with some tight spaces, a tiller with a large width for tines isn’t going to get the job done. Assess your garden shape and be sure that the width of the tiller tines will be appropriate for your needs.

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What’s your preferred power source?

The cultivator / rototillers on this list are a mix of electrically powered and gas powered. If your large garden project is going to consist of several days of tilling large swaths of land, it may be frustrating for you to have to stop at inconvenient times to charge the battery. If tilling in an area where you need to be quieter, a loud, powerful rototiller engine may not be ideal. Though both kinds of rototillers are quality machines, be sure you purchase one with your ideal engine choice.

How strong are you?

A big, powerful rototiller might sound like the obvious choice for a large garden, but it won’t do you much good if you aren’t strong enough to use it properly. The light-weight, compact tillers on our list may require a few more passes than a larger tiller in a large garden, but the speed in which you can use them might actually make the job faster for you. Don’t get a big, heavy tiller if you’ll struggle with the weight or if transporting the tiller between different projects will be too much of a chore for you.

What kind of rototiller maintenance do you prefer?

As mentioned, rototillers can be gas-powered or electric, and each offers their own unique kinds of maintenance needs. Electric tillers are largely maintenance free, but the battery will slowly lose its charge over time, eventually needing a battery or rototiller replacement. A gas-powered motor is more maintenance intensive, most requiring a gasoline/oil mixture, regular cleaning, and regular engine maintenance. However, if the engine is cared for properly, it will far outlast the battery of an electric tiller. Take some time to decide which kind of maintenance you prefer or are able to do before purchasing!

What’s your budget?

This is likely one of the first questions you’ll need to answer when deciding the kind of tiller product to buy. For example, the Husqvarna FT900-CA is an absolute beast of a rototiller and great for large gardens, but it also cost more than $500. The Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis Tiller, while more petite, still can handle the needs of a large garden and is barely more than half the cost of the Husqvarna. Determine your budget requirements to give you a range of options to choose from.

There are rototillers, both big and small, electric and gas-powered, that can tackle the chore of a large garden easily and efficiently. Be sure you take the time to identify how large a tiller you need, what kind of power you want your rototiller to draw from, and what size of tines you need.

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