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Best Rake for Pine Needles (2022 Reviews Updated)

Some of us with a yard can find pine needles can be a tricky yard problem. We love the look of pine trees, but pine needles can be extremely difficult to rake, far more difficult than leaves.

Best Rake For Pine Needles

  2. Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR
  3. Amazing Rake 746321243312
  4. Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT
  5. Flexrake LAR123
  6. Titan

Unfortunately, most rakes don’t specifically have pine needles in mind, making them less than ideal. The only thing worse than having trouble removing pine needles is spending a good hunk on a brand new leaf rake only to find it’s no better than your old one!

Though you may be tempted to hire professional services, have hope! We have done the research to find the most ideal rakes for cleaning up pine needles and leaves. Before dropping significant change on a yard professional, peruse this list to find a rake for pine needles!

Top 6 Best Rake for Pine Needles Product List


Best Rakes for Pine Needles

The Root Assassin Rake head is a hybrid between a rake and a pitchfork. The rake heads on these products are made of durable polycarbonate and aluminum, and the handle is made of lightweight and durable poly. The tines n this rake head can be used as a traditional rake, but it can also flip and be used as a pitchfork with great scooping action. If you have thick beds of pine straw, grass or debris that have proved stubborn beyond a typical rake, the durable handle and scooping action of the Root Assassin is exactly what you need to get the job done.

Made with sturdy materials, a strong, reliable handle, and a design with multiple actions in mind, the Root Assassin is a fantastic, heavy duty rake. Especially ideal if you’re already one of the many people who already own another tool from the Assassin tool family.



2. Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake

Rake for Pine Needles

People that have a large lot or property with multiple pine trees can present a unique problem for property owners or landscape managers. A typical, hand-held rake with a wooden or plastic handle simply isn’t always what's best to keep your yard tidy. These Yard Tuff products have a tool to fit onto the pin hitch of a UTV, tractor or even ATV. This rake contains twenty-four, 5/16” spring steel rake tines for optimal performance, and reliability. This rake handle is also steel to add to its durability At 60 inches in width, it makes easy work of leaves and grass, even on large properties.

Of course, in making an investment in one like this, you want to be sure of its quality and durability. It's one of the best pine straw rakes on the market. The all steel construction and powdered paint protection means that you’ll be able to rely on this tool for years to come.

If you need an accessory able to handle large properties made with quality and durability in mind, this will be a perfect fit!


3. Amazing Rake 746321243312 3-in-1 Lime Green Ergonomic Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn

Raking Pine Needles in Spring

At a weight of just two and a half pounds, the Amazing Rake is another great hand-held option for your lawn. If you have piles that have been taunting you, it has a “grab” features that can easily move any manner of pine needle pile, and it does a perfect job in tight spaces. The unbreakable handle of this light and sturdy rake is made of copolymer polypropylene plastic. Still need a traditional rake for your lawn? No worries, it can still be used to gather leaves and other debris as a traditional rake.

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if you are looking for something that can pick, grab and dump, this model is a fantastic choice of utility amongst rakes for pine needles.


4. Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT

Easy clean up around a tree in spirng

If you’re in the market for a pine straw rake attachment, the Field Tuff is another one of another great options that should be considered. Also 60 inches wide, with a 3 point hitch and sturdy handle, it’s designed with utility and quick raking in mind.

This rake can handle a lot, its tines are made with a coiled design, which allows more give and tug when being pulled behind your vehicle of choice. Scooping up large piles of leaves and debris will be no problem at all with this setup. A fantastic choice attachment, the Field Tuff also employs a steel handle and design, and powdered paint protection. Definitely add this to your list of possibilities!


5. Flexrake LAR123 24-Inch - 54-Inch Wood Handle

If you have a small yard, sometimes the perfect choice is a simple, effective tool, and at 24 inches wide, the Flexrake is absolutely that! It has a wooden handle, and it’s uniquely designed head made specifically for scooping up needles, no other debris.

Don’t let the wooden handle and its simplicity fool you, though. This is one of the best rakes to scoop up long needles on grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and even on roofs! It can handle any terrain. Also, perfect for a small yard, definitely put the Flexrake on your shortlist of rakes.

-- Currently Unavailable --

6. Titan 5 ft 3 Point Needle Rake

Rake for pine needles with metal tines

Another great choice for those that have a small tractor and are looking for an attachment, the Titan gets the job done easily. It boasts a raking width of 60 inches, to help you spend less time out in the sun. It's also equipped with a 3 pin connection, perfect to clean up debris from a yard of any size. It's definitely one of the top options. Not only are the tines of the rake head coiled, making for more effective needle pick up, but they are also individually replaceable. Replaceable tines are an ideal feature if you’re looking for a long-lasting attachment!

-- Currently Unavailable --

Buying Guide - Rake for Pine Needles

You may not even have realized that there were best specific rakes for pine needles before looking at this list, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with options. To help narrow down the choices, there are a few common-sense questions to ask yourself before jumping in and making a purchasing choice.

  1. Are you looking for a rake attachment or a hand-held rake? This may seem obvious, but it’s still worth considering. Don’t get one of the best giant five-foot rake attachments if you don’t have a tractor!
  2. How big a yard do you have? The size of your yard is likely to be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a rake. People that have a small, residential yard, make will most likely not a rake that's 60 inches wide, so it doesn’t make much sense to spend too much time buying a huge attachment, even if you have access to a vehicle capable of using it. There’s likely to be plenty of nooks and crannies that the attachment can’t reach, forcing you into a handheld rake anyway. If you have a gigantic property or manage multiple properties, buying even the best hand-held leaf rake is going to be an effort in futility. You'll need something with a bit more weight and heavy duty tines that can handle anything. You’ll almost certainly need to not only invest in a straw rake attachment but also a vehicle capable of using it.
  3. What’s your price range? This can help narrow down your choices as well. However, it’s important to consider that saving money in the short term in buying a cheap pine needle rake might add up if you have to replace it constantly. Make sure you check any kind of warranty that may come with the rake. Also, consider the frequency of use, as a rake made with high-quality materials or features that can handle anything may be worth the investment over a cheaper plastic one.
  4. What surfaces are you raking over? Different needle rakes do well over differing surfaces. Some are specifically made to be used on surfaces like gravel and concrete, while others have features built in that make the surface a non-issue, such as a grabbing feature. Some are also used for picking up other debris, while other rakes are made specifically for pine. Consider the surface being raked before buying your pine needle rake!
  5. Where are your pine needles going? Depending on what you’re going to do with your needles and debris once they’re raked, may determine the kind you end up buying. If you’re just raking needles into a burning pile, or simply raking them out into a street or out of your yard, then any pine needle rake will likely suffice. If you are wanting to scoop and bag needles, certain rakes will provide the best features specifically for scooping and transporting needles. Think about where your pine needles are going to end up before buying a pine needle rake!
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It can be frustrating to have a rake that struggles to do what you need to, like picking up pine needles. Consider the best specific raking needs that you have, and research our list, and we’re sure that you’ll find a great rake for pine needles.

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