The 4 Best Professional Chainsaws [ 2019 Guide & Reviews ]

I once had the unfortunate task of needing to cut down stubborn saplings in my yard. They were surprisingly resilient to loppers, so I figured that a small, personal chainsaw would do the trick.

However, I would soon find that even saplings proved a tough challenge to a small chainsaw, and I would have been better served with a much better chainsaw.

If you need a chainsaw for professional work, this becomes even more important. You don’t just need a good chainsaw, you need the best chainsaw on the market.

If this describes you, you’ve arrived in the right place. Below are the best professional chainsaws on the market.

Best 4 Professional Chainsaw List

1. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw:

Best Professional Chainsaw

This chainsaw is a good choice for those looking to maximize gas efficiency and reduce emissions. It features “OxyPower” engine technology that helps produce more power, using less gas, and producing fewer emissions during use. The Poulan Pro chainsaw is also designed to be easily handled, with a pull starting system made specifically for easy pulls and easy starting, and a protected purge bulb to ensure that the chainsaw starts easily.

The choke and start control system is made to help prevent the chainsaw engine flooding, meaning that this machine will reliably be available for frequent use. All that and an attractive price tag makes the Poulan Pro chainsaw a great choice for professionals beginning to equip their businesses.

One of the best chainsaws with easy maintenance in mind, the Poulan Pro will certainly find its home in the professional’s repertoire of tools.


2. Makita(MAKGN) EA7901PRZ1 EA7901PRZ2 79 cc Chain Saw:

Do you find that you are frequently using a chainsaw in cold conditions? Frigid temperatures can not only run a toll on your hands using a chainsaw, but it can also adversely effect gas-powered chainsaws.

If fighting low temperatures describes your usual work, this Makita chainsaw was made just for you! This electric, corded saw not only offers quite the power for the size, but it also features numbers functions to help fight the cold. The handle is heated, helping your hands stay warm in cold conditions. The baffle features a slide-out functionality, making it perfect for customization in cold temperatures.

Of course, this chainsaw does far more than keep your hands warm. Being electric, it offers easy automatic starting and a chain department that is easily accessible for cleaning and removing debris. For frequent users, it also features a heavy-duty air filter system that helps lower maintenance responsibility and extends the overall life of the chainsaw!

Last, but certainly not least, this chainsaw offers lots of raw power. Offering up to 79cc’s of power, it easily comes in as the most powerful professional chainsaw on our list. If raw strength is what you need, the Makita will get the job done well.

If you’ve been waiting for a chainsaw that caters to cold-weather use as well as offering low-maintenance needs, the Makita chainsaw is going to be the best professional chainsaw you can find!


3. Husqvarna 455, 20 in. 55.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw:

One of the best features a professional chainsaw can have is that it is consistently reliable, long-lasting, and made to be easy to use. The Husqvarna 455 fits the bill perfectly. It features “X-TORQ,” helping it be fuel efficient and produce low emissions. The Husqvarna 455 also features “smart start,” allowing for consistent, easy starting even though it is gas powered. Its air injection system is designed to kick-out larger pieces of debris before they’re even able to reach the air filter, helping keep your chainsaw in peak condition for longer.

Of course, it offers other great features as well. The Husqvarna 455 chainsaw is specifically designed to lower vibrations, which helps the user feel less overall fatigue, and chain tensioning and bar assembly can be done without tools. This makes the Husqvarna 455 ideal for the professional using the saw consistently and, if bars or chains need to be changed out, it can be done quickly and without hassle. The Husqvarna 455 is the ideal professional chainsaw for easy, user-friendly, regular use.


4. Remington RM4620 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle 20-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw:

Anyone who has used a professional chainsaw knows that the strong vibrations it produces wear you out in a hurry. A big, strong, powerful chainsaw engine doesn’t do you any good if you are exhausted after just a few minutes of work.

If this is a frequent concern for you, then the Remington RM4620 is an absolute must for you in your professional toolkit. This chainsaw is designed with a 5 point anti-vibration system and a specially cushioned handle to ensure that you put less effort into withstanding the vibrations and more focus onto the task at hand.

Anti-vibration isn’t the only feature this chainsaw offers. It includes a quickstart technology to make starting pulls easier and an automatic oiler that helps keep your chains in the best possible condition with minimal maintenance.

If you are a professional who frequently uses chainsaws for long periods, then the Remington RM4620 is a best fit!


Best Chainsaws Buying guide

Between the listed professional chainsaws, you have several fantastic options for professional chainsaws. However, even though a chainsaw may in and of itself be a great product, it still needs to be able to meet whatever working needs you may have. With that in mind, be sure to ask yourself the following questions before purchasing:

How large of objects are you going to be using your chainsaw on?

The thicker the object you saw, the longer the chainsaw bar is going to need to be on your chainsaw. A bar that is too short won’t get the job done and is a good way to incur unneeded wear and tear on your chainsaw motor. A chainsaw bar that is needlessly large may end up damaging what you’re attempting to saw. Always make sure that the chainsaw you have in mind supports the bar size for what you will need for any given project.

How close are you going to be to your power source?

Chainsaws can be corded, battery powered, or gas powered, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. Battery powered chainsaws are quiet and light, but can quickly run out of juice with long, consistent use. Corded chainsaws remove the issue of needed to be charged, but if your project is far away from an outlet, you’ll have to try to bring the project to you, which isn’t always an option. A gas-powered saw is much louder and heavier than the other two options, but you don’t need to be concerned with needing to charge a battery or plug it in. Think carefully through what your professional chainsaw needs will be!

How strong are you?

Don’t get a big, powerful, heavy professional chainsaw if you have issues holding heavier equipment. It doesn’t matter how strong or effective it is if you can’t safely hold it! A chainsaw that slips out of your grip can easily ruin a project, or worse, can cause grave injury. Be sure to get a chainsaw that you can easily and safely handle.

How frequently will you need to change chains or bars?

If you know that you will be handling multiple different kinds of projects and don’t want to have several chainsaws lying around, a top professional chainsaw that can easily have chains or bars exchanged is going to be essential. Some, like the Husqvarna 455, can have bars and chains exchanged without the need for tools, making swapping quick and easy. Other chainsaw models don’t offer this feature, making the exchange more complicated, but may come in at a more favorable price point if this isn’t a feature you are going to regularly take advantage of.

Professional Chainsaws Guide Summary

Finding the best professional chainsaw is paramount to any business owner or professional looking to get the job done quickly, easily, while still maintaining a high level of quality. The chainsaws listed here offer a variety of features and their own strengths and weaknesses for any given user. Be sure to assess your own needs before buying and make sure the chainsaw you purchase ends up being a best fit!