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Best Pole Hedge Trimmer (2022 Reviews Updated)

If you’re looking for a good pole hedge trimmer, you’ve stumbled across the perfect resource.

Rather than confusing you with a wide array of pole hedge trimmer solutions, we’ve curated 5 of the strongest models available so you can keep your garden in perfect shape the easy way.

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After our rundown of the best pole hedge trimmer reviews, we’ll round out with a concise breakdown of the leading benefits buying these nifty tools.

Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

  1. Sun Joe SJH902E
  2. Greenworks PSPH40B210
  3. Greenworks 22272
  5. TrimmerPlus AH721

Best Pole Hedge Trimmer Reviews

1. Sun Joe SJH902E 21-Inch Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Price - $$

Width of Cut - 21"

Warranty - 2 years

Fuel - Corded

If you’re looking to trim tall hedges without needing to reach for a ladder, this powerful  21-inch telescoping pole hedge trimmer from Sun Joe is the ideal weapon. Even better, it is packed with handy features.

The corded model measures just shy of 8 feet and telescopes, affording you a maximum total reach of 13 feet. This allows you ample freedom of movement while the poky 4-amp motor gives you plenty of heavy duty power for thicker twigs approaching ¾-inch thick.

It’s not just power and speed you’ll get with the corded Sun Joe, however. Since the handle this electric model rotates from -90 degrees through 60 degrees, you’ll be able to chop away from pretty much any angle with complete precision. The only downside we see is that this pole hedge trimmer needs a constant power source via its electrical cord

All this performance is bundled up in a lightweight chassis, serving up superb value from a brand you can rely on. It is finished in bright green, so you’ll never misplace your pole hedge trimmer again.



  • Easy to cut up to 13 feet high thanks to the telescopic pole
  • 21-inch blade packs dual-action mechanism and hardened steel allows you to power through outgrowth up to ¾-inch thick
  • Head swivels through multiple positions giving you outstanding precision
  • Weighs just 7 ½ pounds so you can prune for extended spells without feeling the strain
  • Exceptional price to performance ratio from a highly reputable brand


  • The trigger can feel rather awkward to cut with at first
  • This type of model is powered by a cord which could limit some movement

2. Greenworks PSPH40B210 8-Inch Pole Trimmer

Price - $$$

Width of Cut - 8"

Warranty - Battery 2 years

Tool - 4 years

Fuel - Cordless - Battery

Cordless pole saws do not need to be under powered. This brand of pole hedge trimmer makes this abundantly clear with the 40V lithium-ion battery up that powers this 8-inch trimmer. This cordless pole hedge trimmer offers ample heavy duty force to cut through thicker branches.

While maximum cutting capability of this cordless hedge trimmer is claimed to be 6 inches, you may start to struggle when you near that limit.

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The fixed cutting head on this light in weight model polarizes opinion. Some users find this offers benefits when hooking over twigs and undercutting. Others state it feels somewhat limited.

It should be easy to get somewhere around 50 cuts before needing to connect this cordless hedge trimming pole to a power source for a recharge.

There’s a switch lock in place to prevent any accidental firing up.

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For clean cuts through outgrowth up to 4 inches and all the advantages of a cordless tool, this 40V beauty is well worth putting on your shortlist.



  • There is option of buying this model with or without 40V
  • Achieve roughly 50 cuts on a full charge
  • 8-foot saw with a 5-foot extension, supplying more than enough reach for most purposes
  • Light weight unit relative to the power on tap
  • Included adjustable shoulder strap to evenly distribute the weight of the trimmer
  • Compatible with their 40v system


  • No bar or chain oil included so make a note of this
  • A little assembly is needed
  • The battery is reasonably tough to pull out
  • May start to struggle a bit when reaching the 6 inch cutting capacity
  • Price may be high for some

3. Greenworks 22272 20-Inch Pole Hedge Trimmer

Price - $$$

Width of Cut - 20"

Warranty - 2 year

Fuel - Cordless - Battery

Another great product from this brand, this time a 20-inch best pole hedge trimmer.

The nimble 40V lithium-ion battery delivers a full half-hour of juice before it needs to be connected to a power source for recharging. This should be sufficient to cut most smaller hedges in a single session.

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20-inch dual-action blades offer the usual combination of minimal vibration along with enough firepower to slice through twigs to 5/8-inch thick.

The shaft extension of 6 ½ feet on the model gives you the ability to reach up to the higher points of your hedge or to deal with any overhanging shrubbery.

For a super-light and highly versatile hedge trimming solution, this powerful pole hedge trimmer is a home run.



  • Fade-free power from 40V G-MAX battery gives you a run time of up to 30 minutes
  • Maximum trimming capacity is a generous 5/8-inch
  • Head pivots through 3 positions and along with the extended reach handle makes your life easier when cutting at full stretch
  • 20-inch dual-action blade serves up the sharpness and power you need along with almost no vibration
  • 6 ½-feet shaft extension extends your scope further without calling for other tools


  • Some may find the price a bit expensive if you buy with the battery

4. BLACK+DECKER LPP120B Pole Hedge Trimmers

Price - $$

Width of Cut - 6"

Warranty - 2 years

Fuel - Cordless - Battery

If you’re looking for an extendable long reach pruning saw, the BLACK+DECKER LPP120B  electric hedge trimmer offers a winning combination of affordability, long battery, and all the cutting power you need for small to medium-sized pruning projects.

Its reach is first-class. With the extension at full tilt, you’ll be able to cut up to 14 feet high, more than enough for most shrubbery.

Battery power with this electric pole hedge trimmer is among the best we’ve seen with cordless pole pruning saws. If you’re trimming pine branches, for example, you can expect roughly 100 cuts before you need torecharge this cordless hedge trimmer.

The only real downside is a reliance on plastic components, giving rise to a few concerns about durability and lifespan.

Overall, you’ll get a great deal of brand heritage and precision engineering in a pocket-friendly and convenient package.



  • Affordable price range
  • Excellent grip
  • Won’t bend
  • Stylish designs


  • A bit too much plastic diminishes overall build quality

5. TrimmerPlus AH721 22-Inch Dual Hedge Attachment

Price - $$

Width of Cut - 22"

Warranty - 2 years

Fuel - Gas

Firstly, make certain you’ve got a string trimmer, pole saw, or power head to match up with this attachment. Under no circumstances should you buy the gas powered TrimmerPlus thinking you’ll get going straight out the box without the essential tool to accompany it.

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Most major manufacturers support this attachment. If you’ve already got that kit and want a highly able attachment to make light work of hedges and bushes, the TrimmerPlus is tailor-made.

There’s serious attention to detail on the blade. Measuring up at 22 inches, the teeth are spaced ¾-inch apart, giving you efficiency and power for more demanding jobs.

The die-cast body and hardened steel blades of this gas trimmer mean your investment should keep on returning value for years to come.

For a flexible and nimble hedge attachment to bring out the very best in your tools, the gas powered TrimmerPlus hits the spot.



  • Widely-spaced 22-inch blades are double-sided, so you can get more done in less time
  • Case made from rugged metal; it can handle some serious punishment
  • Broad compatibility with all major brands
  • Blade rotates through 135 degrees, promoting outstanding maneuverability
  • Highly effective for trimming tall hedges and bushes
  • Affordable price


  • This is an attachment only, so you’ll need a compatible tool
  • Reasonably expensive but in return, you’ll get a durable and capable tool

Advantages of Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Balancing on ladders when working at height is hazardous enough anyway. When you’re using a power tool, that danger increases.

  • Easily reach higher hedges without needing to rely on a ladder
  • Many models come with lengthy extensions giving you even greater reach
  • Pivoting heads allow you to work at any angle
  • Choice of power from gas and electric to cordless so buy what fits with your needs
  • Often come with support straps to mitigate the extra weight and allow you to work safely for longer
  • Work for extended periods without straining your arms and back or standing on tiptoes
  • Slash the costs of calling in a professional gardener while enjoying the convenience of pruning any time you want

As you can see, safety and convenience are the key selling points with best pole hedge trimmers along with that all-important reach to easily and safely get the job done.

Think closely about the type of power that best suits your area when buying your pole hedge trimmer, and you’ll find your gardening duties become wonderfully streamlined.

Conclusion - Good Pole Hedge Trimmer

We hope by now that you have a clear idea of which best pole hedge trimmer makes the most sense for the cutting job you have in mind.

We’ve tried to cover all the bases and deliver models appealing to varying needs and budgets.

If you already have the necessary tool to attach it to, the TrimmerPlus is a standout winner. If not, our overall favorite is the cordless 20-inch Greenworks.

That said, you may be interested in buying one of the other best pole hedge trimmers on our list, so go with what works best for both your ideal price point and for your yard.

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