Best Planters for Herbs (2020 Reviews Updated)

Last Updated on November, 29th 2020


Having an herb garden is great. You get fresh herbs all the time with surprisingly little effort. Herbs grow very well in small pots or planters, and some, like mint or lemon balm, do much better in containers because they don’t get the chance to take over your garden.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of planters out there, so here’s our list of the top planters for herbs in 2019.

The Best Planters for Herbs in 2020 Reviewed

#1. Giantex Raised Garden Bed Kit Elevated Planter Box Greatest – Best Planters for Herbs

Giantex Raised Garden Bed Kit Elevated Planter Box for Vegetables Fruits Herb Grow, Heavy Duty Natural Cedar Wood Frame Gardening Planting Bed for Deck Patio Yard, No-Bolt Assembly, 49.5'X25'X30.0'

The Giantex raised garden planter is made from cedar wood that has not been treated with any preservatives. Cedar is an excellent planter material since it’s recyclable, environmentally friendly, and keeps many insects away from the planter.

The planter has a very stylish look that will look great both indoors and outside. It’s unusual to have a planter indoors, but if you’ve got a modern kitchen, this would fit right in. The elevated design means you don’t have to lean over or bend down when tending to your plants and makes snipping off herbs a breeze. It comes with three holes that provide excellent drainage, but as the holes are rather big, you might experience some soil loss.

The raised garden kit doesn’t come pre-assembled, so some assembly is required. All the things you need for assembly are found in the package, but some users have reported needing an additional screwdriver and drill bit to speed up the process.

Overall, if you’re looking for a raised planter that has plenty of space for all your herbs and looks fantastic, the Giantex raised garden bed kit will meet all your needs.




  • Resilient cedarwood
  • Stylish look
  • Easy to assemble
  • May need additional assembly tools
  • Drainage holes are too big and may result in soil loss

#2. Sustainable Seed Company Windowsill Herb Garden Kit

Windowsill Herb Garden Kit, Herb Planter Comes Complete with a 10 Variety Non GMO Heirloom Herb Seed Collection & Herb Pots.

The Sustainable Seed Company windowsill herb gardening kit comes with everything you need to start a small herb garden indoors on your windowsill.

The kit is designed for ten plants housed in coconut pots and two pot holders. The potholders are designed to fit on any windowsill or area that has plenty of sunlight and will irrigate all the pots contained within the holders.

The kit also comes with ten seed packs for a variety of herbs as well as a booklet explaining how to use the entire package. The seeds come in a reusable Mylar bag that will protect any seeds that you don’t plant the first time around.

The kit even comes with soil in the form of coconut fiber disks that you hydrate separately. Once fully saturated with water, the disks can be placed in the pots and used as a potting mix. It’s a beautiful and mess-free way to garden.




  • Kit contains everything you need
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Ten herbs along with the kit to start your herb garden
  • The coconut pots will degrade over time, and the plants will need to be re-potted

#3. Window Garden Self-Watering Mini 3.5-Inch Planters

Window Garden - Aquaphoric Self Watering Mini Planter Pots (3 Pack) - Grow On Indoor Sill. Perfect for Potting Small Plants, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents, or Start Seedlings.

When you’re first starting with your herb garden, you may find it challenging to know when to water your plants. Overwatering is one of the leading causes of herb death due to root rot and wilt. If you underwater, your plants will also fail to thrive.

This innovative planter takes all the guesswork out of watering. You simply add water to the outer pot up to the line, and the plants will take all the water they need. Now you only need to water your plants once every couple of weeks, which is perfect if you’re going on vacation and don’t want to come home to dead plants.

The planters also come with fiber soil that allows roots to grow out more quickly, which leads to quicker growth and healthier plants. All you need to do is soak the soil disk in water and then fluff it up. However, since this isn’t real soil, you will need to add nutrients to help your plants thrive.




  • Great gift idea
  • The convenient watering system ensures your plants will get just enough water
  • Fiber soil prevents root rot
  • Will need more fertilizer than traditional soils
  • Planters may be too small for a lasting indoor herb garden

#4. Barnyard Designs Succulent Herb Pot Planter with Tray for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Barnyard Designs Herb Pot Planter Set with Tray for Indoor Garden or Outdoor Use, Decorative White Metal Succulent Potted Planters for Kitchen Windowsill, (Set of 3, 4.25' x 4' Planters on 12.5' x 4'

Properly treated metal pots are great for herb gardens due to their durability and affordability. They don’t insulate plants very well and work better for indoor plants than sensitive outdoor plants.

The Barnyard Designs herb pot planter with tray comes with three comfortably-sized pots and a drainage tray. Each herb container has one drainage hole that drains into the attractive draining dish. The main selling point of these planters is their attractive design, and they’d fit in well with any kitchen design, modern or traditional. The tray is specially sized to fit on most windowsills to allow your herbs to get as much sun as possible.

These pots are multi-functional and can also serve as holders, complete with tray, when you’re throwing a party. Just be sure to clean the pots out properly before attempting this. These pots also make an excellent gift idea, particularly if you take the time to grow some herbs in them beforehand.




  • Affordable
  • Good sized
  • Tray catches any drainage water
  • Perfect for a starter herb garden
  • Drainage hole is small, and there is only one, so watch out for waterlogged soil
  • The material feels slightly flimsy

#5. Farmhouse Decor Flowerpot and Tray Set by Walford Home – Best Planters for Herbs

Farmhouse Flower Pot and Tray Set By Walford Home - Vintage Galvanized Windowsill Planter - Rustic Multi-use Caddy Indoor or Outdoor - Kitchen Craft Caddy Succulent Herb Planters

If you’ve got a farmhouse-style kitchen, you need farmhouse-style planters. These three elegant pots along with tray will fit right into any traditional kitchen. They can be used for herbs, succulents, or flowers, so you don’t have to confine yourself to only having them in the kitchen.

The pots are made of heavy-duty galvanized metal that is tough, durable, and attractive. The galvanized steel ensures that the containers herb don’t rust even when regularly exposed to water. The handles are solidly connected to the tray, and there are protective pads on the underside of the tray to prevent scratches on your counter surface. What is unique about this set of pots is the attention to detail and superior construction—this is a set that will last for decades.

The pots have multiple small drainage holes (weep holes) to ensure excellent drainage. The tray can catch any water that seeps out, allowing for easy clean-up, making this set perfect for the indoors, particularly for a herb garden in the kitchen.




  • Made of high-quality galvanized steel, which won’t rust or corrode
  • Attractive spackle finish adds to the rustic kitchen feel
  • Perfect size for a windowsill
  • Some users report that the tray leaks

#6. Windowsill Herb Pots – Set of 3 Galvanized Indoor Planters and Tray

Saratoga Home Galvanized Planter Pots with Tray Set - Indoor Herb Garden - Utensil Caddy - Use on Windowsill or as Outdoor Flower Pots for Succulents Wedding Table Decorations Snacks

This set is another galvanized steel option with a tray, but it is much more modern in design. They will fit any modern kitchen and enhance plenty of areas in the home with their elegant looks. They can be used to hold herbs, succulents, or small flowering plants, or can hold fake plants if that’s how you roll.

The galvanized steel ensures that the pots are durable and rust-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the pots falling apart after a couple of years. The tray is leak-proof and designed to catch the water that drains from the containers themselves. The pots have a drainage hole in the bottom to allow for water to escape, preventing overwatering and water-logged roots.

The entire set is designed to be versatile. If during winter-time you don’t plant herbs, you can still use the pots as a stylish accent around the house, and even as a cutlery and cooking utensils holder. They can also make the perfect gift for any budding gardener.




  • Galvanized steel won’t rust
  • Drainage holes to ensure healthy plants
  • The tray is leak-proof and will catch any drainage water
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Galvanized steel contains zinc so you can’t use the pots or tray as a snack holder

#7. Nancy Jane’s Staking Planters Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter

Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter - Vertical Gardening for Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers - Patented Grid System - Best Self Watering Planter - BPA Free

If you want an herb garden but find yourself limited on space, consider a stacking planter. By stacking pots on top of each other, you take advantage of tons of vertical space that would otherwise go to waste. All the pots in this planter are stand-alone and can be used either individually or as part of a stack.

This planter is also self-watering, which is perfect for people who don’t know when to water their plants or forget to water them thoroughly. By filling in the outer pot, you can ensure even distribution of water to all your plants which they can take up as they need to. Now you can water weekly instead of daily.

The planter kit comes with everything you need to assemble the three-tier stacking planter. It also contains a chain with a swivel if you want to hang your planter instead of having it stand. The attractive design of the pots and planter means it looks great from any angle and will complement any small space.




  • Attractive design
  • Saves space
  • Self-watering system
  • Can be tricky to assemble
  • Terracotta not suitable for outside in winter conditions

In Conclusion – Container Gardening

An herb garden is a great addition to any home. You get a splash of green in your kitchen and fresh herbs whenever you need them. You don’t need to have an ample outdoor space to have an container herb garden, by choosing small planters you can have an attractive herb garden indoors all-year round.

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