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Best Pedestal Sump Pumps in 2022

A pedestal sump pump can be described as a durable non-submersible pump which can last longer and also lower costs compared to submersible models. They're not as well-known because of their sound, but for those who come up with ways to handle it, it's a perfect solution.

In this article, we'll speak about the things you should learn about them, and also look at the top pedestal sump pumps that are available currently. We've picked them out of dozens of models from a variety of brands based on their high-quality specifications, features, and performance. So, let's get with it.

What is the process by which a pedestal sump pumps work?

A pedestal pump functions like a submersible pump with the exception that the motor isn't submerged. The motor operates an impeller, which is basically pushing the water in and out of the outlet port. This water is then moved by the water that surrounds it, out of the discharge, and then into pipes that typically are able to drain out of the house to a pond or an storm drain.

Pedestal sump pump advantages

The pedestal pumps are powered by a motor which is above the water and doesn't require waterproofing. Because it's less complicated and isn't as susceptible to water and humidity typically, it's more affordable and longer-lastingthan submersible pumps.

Motors need to be kept cool while running to prevent damaging vital parts. The most typical reason that sump pumps get hot is a brief cyclethat is, the pump is able to start and stop often -- due to an inadequate basin as well as an oversized pump.

Smaller basins can fill up to a maximum level more quickly, and the huge amount of current required to begin the pump often can cause the motor to overheat. If you have an over-sized pump that is pumping the water faster and more frequently, the issue gets even worse.

This is where a pedestal could be of help. It can pump more water per cycle, which allows the motor to stay cool and free of damage. It's mostly due to 3 reasons:

  • A pedestal pump occupies much less roominside the basin than submersibles. This means that more space is made available to store the water
  • The distance between the on and off points is approximately twice as large eight inches, when as compared to the similar type of switch used in submersibles.
  • You can change the power range on the toggle for the majority of pedestal pumps to allow for a longer distance

The Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

1. Superior 92301

The most efficient pedestal sump pump to deal with normal flooding

  • Pros
  • 2280 gph @ 10'
  • Premium materials
  • Highly efficient
  • 10 feet. cord length
  • Cons
  • It's only 0.175 in. solids
  • Heavy

Highly efficient and powerful pump constructed from stainless steel and cast iron and packed with the necessary characteristics a sump pump demands. Superior is among the most well-known names in the sump pump business. Superior is a top producer of thermoplastic pumps for a reasonable price.

The Superior pump isn't an example of the thermoplastic pumps they make. The base is cast iron, while the shaft and impeller are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It's a higher-quality product than the ones they are known for, but affordable compared to other brands.

It's quiet and powerful and, if you take the specifications alone - this pump is definitely among the top. It appears to be flawless on paper but there are some flaws that aren't so obvious in the actual reality.

As an example, I've seen several complaints about loose screws on the bottom however, they're not something that you cannot fix using an screwdriver. Seized pumps are fairly common occurrence, which is typically the situation for pedestal pumps. It's best to be cautious and ensure that all solids are kept away in the water basin.

Overall it's a good product. Superior 92301 is highly reviewed by a majority of people, especially due to the many features it offers and its affordable cost. It's the top 1/3 pedestal sump pump that you can locate.

2. Zoeller 84-001

The best pedestal pump for massive flooding

  • Pros
  • 3060 gph @ 10'
  • Highly reliable
  • Tested and proven to last
  • Very Quiet
  • Cons
  • Expensive

It's hard to come up with an entire list of the top sump pumps with out a Zoeller. It's the most well-known name in the field of sump pumps. The "Old Faithful" is a pedestal pump made of cast iron. This is a very reliable pump with some people saying their old pumps last for many decades.

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It's outfitted with an impressive half horsepower motor which can transport upwards of 3060gallons an hour up to an altitude at 10.

The bottom of it is made from cast iron. Even the impeller's thermoplastic, it's a lot stronger when compared to regular plastics that you won't see anyone complaining about it. A permanently lubricated sleeve top bearing as well as lower bushing in bronze allows it to be more quiet and robust than other pumps when the motor is situated over the pit.

It's the Zoeller M84 is the most reliable half-HP pedestal sump pumps that is out there. Yes, it's expensive than other pumps, however, considering the reliability it has it's worth every penny.

3. Flotec FPPM3600D

Best budget pedestal sump pump

  • Pros
  • 2460 gph @ 10'
  • Compact
  • Very light
  • Cheap
  • Cons
  • A bit noisy
  • Moderate to light use

Flotec is another top brand that many be familiar with. Its pedestal-type FPPM3600D-01/09, which is a comes with 1/3 HP motor that is a decent choice for light-to-moderate usage. It features an aluminum pump housing that is thermoplastic and an impeller that is made of plastic, which is adequate for the majority of day-to-day applications.

It is able to move 2,460 grams of water per hour at an elevation of 10 feet. The pump can fit into the 12 inch basin, and weighs just half the weight of cast iron pumps, which is a good thing to make installation easier.

However, because the base is so tiny it's not able to provide much stability to the motor, which can cause some vibration. In addition the rod that is made of metal used to support the float is prone to shake and vibrate against the support, causing some noise, particularly when you're close to.

Even with its noise however, the Flotec FPPM3600D beats any other pump within its price class.

4. Zoeller 585-0005

Best pedestal pump for battery backup

  • Pros
  • 2100 gph @ 10'
  • 28A battery charger
  • The lights are on when it's time to run. out
  • Great quality
  • Cons
  • Expensive

Have you ever felt your heart beat after the lighting goes off and it's pouring heavily? If you've got an unfinished basement but you're not prepared, it's something to think about. With the battery backup pedestal pump like the one we've got here, these worries are now a distant memory.

It is Zoeller 585-0005 is an extremely high performance pump that is able to move large amounts of water with batteries, and take on the function that of the principal pump in the event that it is out of service. If power comes back it will automatically charge the batteries in preparation to handle the next failure. This means that your basement is secure throughout the process. The only issue is its price. It's very expensive for many people however when you think about the potential savings of not having to rebuild the basement after flooding I think it's well worth it.

4. WaterAce WA33CPED

An excellent alternative to flooding that is severe.

  • Pros
  • 3480 gph @ 10'
  • Cast iron pump
  • Very reasonable
  • Cons
  • Relatively new

If the Zoeller's Old Faithful seems too pricey for you, WaterAce offers a great alternative that is half the price. The WaterAce WA33CPED comes with a durable cast iron pump that has a high performance capabilities. With an maximum flow of 3480 gph when zero', the pump is an excellent choice for those looking for an upright sump pump to suit basements that have significant flooding.

Although the brand isn't quite as popular as Zoeller but many are trying it out because of its appealing price and the increasing amount of positive reviews.

Specs Comparison

Product Specifications
CapacityRunning AmpsCord LengthThermal ProtectionDuty RatingBaseImpellerSolidsSwitch (Adjustable)Ten feet of flow.Max Fluid Temp.DischargeWeightDimensionsMin. Basin SizeWarranty
Superior 92301Zoeller M84Flotec FPPM3600D
1/3 HP1/2 HP1/3 HP2.76 A7.3 A3.5 A10 ft.7.5 ft.6 ft.YesYesYesContinuousUnspecifiedIntermittentCast IronCast IronThermoplasticStainless SteelThermoplasticPlastic0.1875 in.Unspecified0.25 in.Vertical (Y)Vertical (Y)Vertical2280 GPH3060 GPH2460 GPH180 degF130 degF70 degF1 1/2 in.1 1/2 in.1 1/4 in.25 lbs.22.5 lbs.12.8 lbs.11.75 inches x 9.375 34 inches.9.55 by 31.75 inches. 9.55 11.55 x 31.75 in.8.25 x 7.25 3.35 in. 33.5 in.12 in.18 in.12 in.3 years old1 year1 year

What is the best pedestal sump pumps

1. Build Quality

Does it have the right components to last?

We'd like a pump built with the highest-quality components and the best materials.

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In the case of pedestal pumps this could mean that it's constructed from materials that permit it to withstand wear and wear, high temperatures in the water and corrosion.

The impeller as well as the shaft holding it have to be sturdy enough to resist breaking or degrade easily in the event of debris.

Similar to pumps, motors should be durable and of top quality. Along with its power supply, should be UL-listed, meaning it's been inspected for security and dependability.

The float switch's ball must be buoyant and impervious to punctures, ensuring an accurate measurement of the water level throughout the day. The rod should also be immune to corrosion and accumulation of dirt.

The most important thing is that everything must remain in its place the time we require them.

2. Features

Does it have the capability to complete the task more effectively?

You require a pump you are able to depend on, regardless of the fact that your situation is not perfect. That's where most reliable pumps shine. The features they offer can give you the assurance to rest peacefully even in the most turbulent of nights.

The floating switch is the most important thing to examine. Do you trust it to sense the correct level even after several years? Does it have switches adjustable to allow you to change the frequency at which it turns between on and off? A good switch can be the key to the reliability of it.

Another feature that is important is an impeller that does not block, that lets larger solids be able to pass through. Clogs could stop the pump from sucking up any water, and may even harm the motor. Although the pedestal model does not handle solids as easily as submersibles can, a non-clog impeller will get you there.

The motor, if it's possible should be certified to run continuously, meaning that it should be able to run for a long time without any issue. It should also come with thermal overload protection, which shuts off the power if it becomes too hot , for whatever reason, or an automated reset that will restart it once it is cool. As a little more than the limit of normal can drastically cut down the lifespan of motors and performance, this is a vital feature that the pump should not be without.

If it's properly lubricated bearings, which enable the operation to be more stable and less noise, it's more than enough. They help to keep your motor running cool, by decreasing friction between the parts.

3. Performance

What is its ability to accomplish its task?

We're looking for a pump which does its job, and can transport huge amounts of water. More importantly we need an engine that is efficient. It is able to transfer the equal amount of water, and do it using less power.

There's no doubt that there's an upper limit however an efficient pump can bring closer to the ideal , without losing its longevity.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating the performance of a pump. It is based on the pump's components that make up the design, the motor and the pump's flow rate and the draw of the pump.

4. Ease of Installation

Are you able to install it without difficulty?

Installation is the most important factor to consider when selecting a sump. Since many of us will be installing the pump by ourselves It's a huge aid to know that the pump will be simple to put in.

Our goal is for the pump to be lightweight to allow us to easily transport to the bottom of our pit. If possible, it must be smaller in size so that it can be placed within narrow basins. Keep in mind that there's an appropriate minimum size of basin for each pump , and it is recommended to adhere to this.

The length of the cord is also taken into consideration since extension cords shouldn't be used with sump pumps due to safety concerns.

Its user's manual needs to be clear and simple to read. There are many questions that only the manufacturer will provide the answer, and this must be clear in the user manual.


This model Superior 9301 model is top choice model for pedestal pumps that are 1/3 horsepower. It's constructed of top materials, and comes with a robust motor that is sure to make you feel relaxed.

If the volume of flooding is substantial it is necessary to use an even more powerful pump such as the Zoeller M84 in order to clean it completely. However in the case of an extremely small volume of flood, the FPM3600D is a reasonable option that you shouldn't overlook.

If you're not averse to the occasional hum of the motor, and would prefer a less expensive and easy to set up and long-lasting pumpthe pedestal sump pump can give you everything you require. The right choice can give you total security for the next decade or so.

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