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Best Gas Powered Water Pumps in 2022

From light to high pressure models Here are the top gas-powered water pumps that you can buy today.

Water pumps powered by gas. An essential part of construction as well as in agriculture and homes for a long time. How do you begin looking for one? Are you able to go for the one that has the most favorable reviews? The truth is, it's more complicated than this. But don't fret We're here to assist you.

The first thing to look at is its capacity. It should be capable of pumping as quickly and as efficiently as you require. It must be efficient to ensure it can reduce fuel consumption, and you do not want to save money by using the pump only to pay twice as much on fuel. It also needs to have an extremely sturdy construction that will make it last through years of use in the outdoors. In addition, it should be light and easy to carry.

This is why we chose the five pumps (and some runners-up) that meet these specifications the most. We've categorize them based on the type of pump you're looking for to be able to pick the right one.

Honda WB20XT4AChampion 66520DuroMax XP650WP
Best all-rounderBest for debrisBest for budget164 GPM and 45 psi158 GPM and 42.4 psi220 GPM and 39.5 psi44 lbs.66.1 lbs65 lbs.Editor Rating: 4.7Editor Rating: 4.6Editor Rating: 4.3

The Best Gas Powered Water Pumps

1. Honda WB20XT4A General Purpose Gas Powered Pump

The most versatile of all

Capacity is 164 GPM and 45 PSI Engine: the 118c Honda GX120 Pump design with cast iron. Weight: 44lbs.| Inlet and outlet2 NPT

  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Just the right amount of capacity for the typical tasks
  • Not cheap

This is commercial-grade Honda pump. I'm not really sure what I can say about the engine -its name is enough. Instead, let's talk regarding the engine.

This durable cast iron pump can be capable of pumping up to up to 164 GPM and up to 105 inches of lift. This is a 20,000-gallon pool within just two hours. These pumps are designed for those who need to manage water in a variety of situations. This includes avoiding floods, draining the swimming pool or filling up tanks. It's also a light 44 pounds. body, it's simple to carry anyplace.

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2. Champion 66520 Semi-Trash Pump with Wheel Kit and Hose

The best solution for debris

Capacity is up to 158 GPM and 42.4 Motor: 196cc Champion Pump Construction Cast iron The weight is 66.1 lbs.| Inlet and outlet:2'' NPT

  • Affordable
  • Handles 9/16" solids
  • It comes with wheels to allow for mobility
  • The construction could be improved

If you're planning to pump water using some debris scattered around the self-priming Champion semi-trash pump is able to handle 9/16'' ( 3/4 " for the larger variant) of debris. It's the 2 1/8 inch gas engine pump that has an output of 150 GPM and the head is 98'.

It's built tough with cast iron structure, yet it's light at 66.1 pounds. If you think that's too much weight to you, the car comes with wheels to make it easier to move.

It also includes the complete hose kit to both discharging and suction. That means you have you don't have to be concerned about. Ideal for those with some particles in their waters.

3. DuroMax XP650WP

The most cost-effective option for budget

Capacity 220 GPM and 39.5 PSIThe engine is 208cc DuroMax Pump construction Cast iron Weight: 65 lbs.| Outlet and Inlet:3'' NPT

  • Starts quickly
  • Very inexpensive
  • Pumps very quickly at 220 GPM
  • Does not have wheels.

Pure power at a reasonable cost. That's what DuroMax provides with the XP650WP gas-powered water pump. With a pumping capacity of 220 GPM it will allow you to complete any task fast and simple. Also, with the EZ pull mechanism it won't be necessary to exhaust your muscles to get it started. It's possible to work up a sweat however, as it weighs 65 pounds and doesn't come with wheels. It might not be enough to some, but in terms of ease of use, smaller is more. This pump is perfect for those looking for a powerful pump, but have a tight budget.

4. Honda WX15 Lightweight Water Pump w/ Transport Handle

Ideal for applications with light weights and portability

Capacity: 74 GPM & 52 psi | Engine: 49cc Honda GXH50 | Pump build: Aluminum | Weight: 20 lbs.| Inlet and outlet1.5 NPT

  • Super lightweight
  • Excellent flow and pressure for its size
  • Small engines don't make a lot of noise
  • Small tanks need frequent refills
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For a water pump that you can carry by hand, this 20 pounds. Honda WX15 is for you. Utilizing aluminum as its component it's an engine that is as durable as it is lightweight.

It is able to pump up to up to 74 GPM and 52 PSI which is ideal for typical tasks in your home or business. It doesn't matter if you're transferring water, washing your pets or washing your vehicle it's a great option. It's also backed by the trusted Honda quality, you can be sure that you've got a pump you can rely on for a long time.

To get a lighter model however, you could look into an alternative model called the Honda WX10 with half the capacity.

5. NorthStar High-Pressure Pump for Water with Honda Engine

The best choice for spraying over long distances and firefighting

Capacity: 135.3 GPM & 94 psi | Engine: 160cc Honda GX160 | Pump build: Aluminum, cast iron, steel| Weight: 60 lbs.| Inlet and outlet2"'NPT

  • Durable Honda engine
  • Excellent pressure to pump high and further
  • A nice balance of power and weight
  • Pricey

It is a NorthStar pump comes with a high-pressure pump that is ideal for firefighting and spraying long distances. It has the Honda GX160 engine that lasts up to 2.5 hours using an 0.95 one liter tank of gas.

The pump is capable of producing the flow and pressure of 135 GPM and the pressure can reach 94 psi. It's nearly double the pressure of the majority of pumps on the market. It is made up of steel, aluminum, and cast iron for the perfect balance between strength and weight.


We've also included some other engine-powered pumps that we think ought to be considered. These may not be the top in these categories, but they definitely can stand up to the competition. In no particular order :

  • Generac Clean Water Pump Excellent alternative to Honda's WB20XT4A
  • Red Lion Semi-Trash Pump is worth looking into in case you're not pleased by the Champion 66520
  • A-iPower Trash Water Pump- Full trash water pump to handle larger debris
  • BE Pressure Water Transfer Pump Pump with high pressure that has higher flow rates
  • AMT 6.5 HP Self Priming Engine Pump Engine pump with high capacity that is that can handle 1 inch solids
  • AMT 13HP Self Priming Engine Pump - Very large capacity pump that can handle 2'' of solids

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