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Best External Pond Pumps in 2022

If you're looking the pond to stay clean and beautiful, you have to let the water flow. Nothing is more detrimental to a beautiful pond more than stagnant waters swarming with mosquitoes and algae. External pond pumps permit the movement of larger quantities of water as opposed to submersible pumps and are more easy to maintain.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you the top external pond pumps that are available currently. I'll also go over all you should learn about them -- what you should look for and why you should pick them over submersibles. Keep reading!

Sequence 4000Sequence PrimerWaterway Ironmight
The best overall valueSelf priming with the highest quality.Best budget pick3600-8200 GPH models3700-7800 GPH models2400 GPH$1.3/day electricity (8200 GPH)$1.45/day electricity (7800 GPH)$0.43/day on electricityEditor Rating: 4.7Editor Rating: 4.6Editor Rating: 4.4

The Best External Pond Pumps

1. Sequence 4000

The most efficient external pond pump that offers overall price

  • Key Features
  • Balanced head and flow
  • Super efficient
  • Ultra quiet motor
  • Available in 3600, 5000, 5800, 6800, 8200 GPH
  • $1.3/day per day for electricity in the 8200 GPH model

Sequence 4000 Sequence 4000 is a top choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. It's ideal for small to medium-sized ponds that have to manage head capacity and flow with efficacy.

It is not just possible to transport a large amount of water and keep the fish and pond in good health, but you could also make a fountain or a stunning waterfall.

The most appealing feature? It is possible to completely immerse in the tranquility of its stunning beauty thanks to the Sequence pump's quiet motor. It's even more impressive considering that the fact that you'll only need to use the estimated $1.3 per day to run the 8200 GPH model.

It is offered in 3600 5, 5000 6800, 8200, and 3600 GPH models.

2. Sequence 750

The best choice for small lakes.

  • Key Features
  • Effectively handles applications that require low head.
  • Available in 3600 and 4200 GPH
  • $0.46/day in electricity costs for the 4200 GPH model

If you're looking for a smaller pool that is not more than 3000gallons then this Sequence 750 series is a good fit for it well. This is an industrial pump that is able to provide peace of mind for many years.

Ideal for koi ponds as well as filter systems, it's everything you require to ensure that your pond is flowing all the time.

The Sequence pump is the most efficient low-head pump I've seen to be worth considering. It's offered for purchase in the 3600 as well as 4200 GPH models. It requires about $0.46 worth of power to run all day long. It's difficult to get more.

3. Helix External Pump

The best choice for medium ponds.

  • Key Features
  • Highly efficient. Similar to Sequence 4000.
  • High-quality construction
  • The models are offered in the 3600, 6800 and 8200 GPH models.
  • $1.3/day to power 8200 GPH model

If you're searching for a reliable name in pumps for ponds, the Helix is the one for you. The pump is constructed with a robust pump that is built to withstand elements for many years of reliability. You don't have to worry about the need to replace your pump and let your senses in the splendor it brings.

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Helix's external pond pump comes for purchase in the sizes of 3600/6800 as well as 8200 GPH and is comparable to the performance of our top choice Sequence 4000. Sequence 4000. It costs $1.3 in power consumption each day on the 8200 GPH model.

4. Sequence Titan

Ideal for large lakes

  • Key Features
  • Very large capacity for flow
  • Performs the task of up several pumps
  • It is available with 18000 and 31500 GPH models.
  • $6.08/day per day for electricity in the the 31500 GPH model

Large water features and ponds require a larger pump to circulate all of the water in it. This is how the Sequence Titan is available.

This powerful machine can take on the most challenging water features, ponds, filtration systems or water-related features. Do not bother with several pumps. Get one that is able to handle everything.

Titan Titan can be purchased with 1800 as well as 31500 GPH, with an estimated energy use at $6.08 per day for the larger model.

5. Sequence Primer Champion and Alpha

The best self-priming external pond pump

  • Key Features
  • The product comes with a built-in bin pre-filter
  • Self-priming capabilities for safe and smoother operation
  • The Alpha series is offered in 7800 and 6800 GPH models.
  • Champion series models are offered in 4900, 3700 and 6600 models.
  • $1.45/day per month for electricity in 7800 GPH model

Sequence Primer Champion and Alpha series Sequence Primer Champion and Alpha series offer everything you need in one stunning unit. The pumps come with an integrated basket filter and self-priming features to provide you with a an efficient pump that you can put in place and forget about.

The filter removes all the leaves and twigs and other debris, and prevents it from getting stuck and damage to the pump. In addition it allows you to effortlessly prime the pump prior to the first time it is used.

Sequence Alpha Primer series Sequence Alpha Primer Series, which is ideal for applications with low heads and can be found for purchase in models that are 6800 or 7800 GPH models. However there is it is possible to purchase the Champion Primer, which is more suitable for those with an extremely demanding filter or waterfall it can be found as the 3700, 4900 in addition to 6600 GPH models. The most powerful 7800 GPH model consumes only about $1.45 of energy per day.

6. Waterway Plastics Ironmight Pond Pump

Best for budget

  • Key Features
  • Very affordable
  • Good construction
  • Available in a 2400 GPH model
  • $0.43/day on electricity

If you're looking to keep your pond in good condition however don't have the funds to do it, the Waterway's Ironmight pond pump is well worth taking a take a look.

Mostly recognized for their spa and pool products, Waterway's attempt to create an pond pump has certainly given several other manufacturers the run of their money.

Ironmight Ironmight makes use of approximately $0.43 per day to power 2400 GPH of your pond's waters. It's not as powerful or efficient as the other pumps in this list, however, in terms of value it is the best.

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This is the best low-cost pond pump that will keep the smallest pond clean and healthy.

Buyer's Guide

1. Efficiency

When it concerns pond pumps high efficiency in energy usage is the main goal to be played. It's basically the amount of water you're pumping out per dollar of electricity you pay.

Pond pumps are operational continuously to ensure that oxygen levels are maintained and to prevent algae An efficient pump can be an absolute game changer. The pump might cost more, However, the time savings will compensate the cost.

2. Capacity for pumping

Rate of flow

The water in your pond needs to be circulated at least once an hour. That means that if your pond holds 3000 gallons of water you will require a pump which is able to move at minimum 3000 GPH in water. Be cautious not to oversize however. Not only will it be more costly and use up more power, but the filter may not be capable of catching up or may even be damaged.


When a pump refers to the flow rate, it typically is referring to the maximum capacity. In reality it is less due to the losses that occur within the system. These losses are contingent on how high and far you're pumping, as well as the fittings inside your pipeline, and the water filter in your system. Pumps with a higher capacity will maintain their flow rate more effectively regardless of the losses.

3. High-quality build

The best pumps are constructed with the highest quality materials and constructed to withstand the changing weather conditions all through the all year. The casing of the pump must be constructed of corrosion-resistant material like metal or plastic in order to keep the pond from being contaminated to come back later.

Why should you choose an outside pond pump instead of submersibles?

1. Longer lifespan

External pond pumps generally last longer than submersible pumps due to an environment that is less difficult. They aren't directly subjected to the harsh conditions below the water. This can cause issues to quickly escalate, such as an issue with the seal, in which water could be able to enter the motor. The only exception is outside installations in extreme temperatures.

2. Capacity to increase

External pond pumps are more equipped to provide more water, that's what you'll require when you have a huge pond. For instance, the Sequence Titan is a good example is capable of reaching the maximum of 31500 GPH.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

Since they're not being submerged in water, the external pumps give the user a simpler access to installations and upkeep. Leakage issues and bearing failure are more obvious and thus be dealt with quicker.

4. Environmental safety

The majority of pumps utilize oil to to cool the motor. If the motor fails due to any reason, the oil could contaminate the water and cause harm to aquatic life within the pond. If you have an external pump installed, then do not need to be concerned about spills of oil, keeping your plants and fish in good health and safe.

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