Best Electric Snow Blower (2020 Reviews Updated)

Last Updated on January, 18th 2021


If you haven’t already, it’s time to ditch the snow shovel and get yourself a snow blower.

If you’re living in a place that gets more than a couple of inches of snow a year, you know exactly how tedious and tiring it can be to shovel snow with a snow shovel.

An electric snow blower makes the job much simpler and is ideal for everything up to around 10 inches of snow. Anything above that and you may need a snow thrower instead.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best snow blowers, snow throwers and even snow shovels offer you the best electric snow blower comparison to help you decide on which one best meets your needs.

Best Electric Snow Blowers 2020 Comparison

#1. Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

Greenworks has a reputation for making good quality products for an excellent price, and this model is no different. The 13-amp motor offers the right amount of power and can clear six inches of snow per pass.

It’s a bit wider than most snow throwers at 20 inches, which means you get more snow clearance per pass. Once you get past six inches of snow, the motor will start to struggle, and it has a maximum clearing depth of ten inches.

The design of the unit itself is impressive as well. The handle folds down after use, making this really easy to store. The handle also contains vibration-damping technology so you’ll notice less vibration during use, which is a relief if you’ve got a large area to clear. The thrower also has an LED light that is an essential feature for those cold winter nights when you come home to find you need to move some snow.

The unit itself is also very lightweight, coming in at 32 pounds, which means that even a kid can push it. While it’s light, it is powerful and can move up to 850 pounds of snow per minute, perfect for driveways and decks. The chute can be rotated by 180°, allowing you to choose exactly where the snow should be thrown.

The main drawback of this snow thrower is the fact that it’s corded, which may annoy some people who have large yards and need to buy expensive extension cords to power the blower. It’s also not self-propelled, meaning you still have to exert some effort to get the thrower moving.

The Greenworks snow thrower is perfect for clearing paths after light or even medium snow and has several convenience features that make it a pleasure to use.




  • Vibration-damping
  • Powerful motor
  • Rotating chute and LED light
  • Lightweight
  • Electric cord may be annoying
  • Not self-propelled

#2. Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Single Stage Snowblower Kit | 18-Inch | W/ 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger

An electric cord can be a huge nuisance when it comes to snow blowers, particularly if you have an area far away from a socket that you need to clear. This electric blower operates on battery power but still packs a solid punch. It can clear up to eight inches per pass, which is nothing to sneeze at, particularly for such a light model. The entire unit weighs just 32 pounds, making it easy to use.

The rechargeable battery has a life of up to 50 minutes, which is more than enough time to clear a driveway. There’s also a fancy EcoSharp technology that prevents power from fading and ensuring maximum performance all the time. Electric power means that this unit runs exceptionally quietly and also produces zero carbon emissions during operation. So, you’re cutting down on both noise and air pollution without sacrificing power or convenience.

A handy extra on this snow blower is the LED light, which is essential in the middle of winter when chances are you’re going to be blowing snow in the dark. The auto-rotate chute is another great convenient extra, allowing you to control the direction in which the snow is thrown, up to a distance of 20 feet.

If you’re primarily dealing with loose, powdery snow and want a snow blower that is easy and convenient to use, the Snow Joe iON18SB is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight, cordless, and can move up to 495 pounds of snow per minute. The LED light is an excellent addition if you’re shoveling in the dark, and the rubber scraper bar ensures you don’t damage your driveway during operation. This is a solid choice from a reputable company and well worth the look.




  • Handy extras like LED light and auto-rotating chute
  • Quiet cordless operation
  • Clears a decent amount of snow
  • Not as powerful as a gas blower, so can’t handle slushy snow

#3. Snow Joe SJ623E Single Stage Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 18-Inch | 15 Amp Motor | Headlights

This is an incredibly powerful little electric snow thrower, offering 15 amps of power that can handle light or medium snow with ease. This Snow Joe snow thrower can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute, can clear ten-inch-deep with each pass, and has a clearing width of 18-inches.

It’s the perfect machine for clearing driveways and walkways quickly and easily. The easy-glide wheels and lightweight build make this snow thrower easy to maneuver and turn, speeding up the snow clearing process. Thanks to its powerful motor, it can also handle heavy and wet snow, which other electrical machines tend to struggle with.

The Snow Joe electric snow thrower also has the extra benefit of having a snow scraper at the base, which allows you to clear snow right down to the bottom, perfect for flat surfaces such as driveways. The scraper is made of rubber so it won’t damage any surfaces while it’s scraping up the last vestiges of snow. This snow scraper features may, however, be a negative if you’ve got a gravel driveway since you’ll be sucking up gravel as well as snow.

This snow thrower has all the features that we’ve mentioned on other models, including an LED light for when you’re throwing snow in the dark, and a rotatable chute that will funnel snow wherever you want it. What is new is that the chute can also be adjusted to throw snow at a specific angle, so you can also control the height of the snow spray in addition to the direction.

The main drawback of this model is the fact that it’s corded. While this allows for uninterrupted operation, it does also mean that you will have to buy an extension cord to go along with the thrower. As the motor is quite powerful, you need to buy an extension cord that’s rated for at least 15 amps and probably more the longer the cord is. Heavy duty winter-proof extension cords can be quite expensive, and this will factor into the final price of the thrower.




  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • The powerful motor can move even wet, slushy snow
  • Handy features like LED light and angled chute
  • Corded, which can be annoying and expensive
  • Scraper feature means this machine shouldn’t be used on gravel or loose soil

#4. Earthwise SN70016 12 Amp Good Electric Snow Blower

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel, 16' Width, 430lbs/Minute

If you only get light powder snow and don’t have the storage space for a whole snow blower, an electric snow shovel may be the answer for you. It’s much more affordable than a full-blown blower and is strong enough to clear light snowfall from driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

The Earthwise corded electric shovel is an eco-friendly option that operates silently and clears walkways and driveways effectively. It has adjustable discharge vanes so you can direct where the excess snow is thrown, and it has transport wheels to make it easy to maneuver and turn.

Thanks to the electric cord, the shovel powers up instantly and can shovel up to 430 pounds of snow per minute. It can clear up to a depth of eight inches of loose snow and has a clearing width of 16-inches. It’s perfect for shoveling loose snow around the house but will struggle with anything more substantial than light snowfall.

The shovel also does require assembly, and some people do find that process tricky. However, once you’ve got it done, it is really easy to store and take out when you need it. It weighs only 16 pounds and can be used as a manual shovel in deeper snow, more than making up for the eight-inches of clearing depth. The plastic blade may be a turnoff for some, but it can cope with anything you throw at it and won’t damage your decking or other sensitive surfaces.

Overall, if you’re looking for a more affordable option that won’t be doing any heavy lifting, the Earthwise 12 Amp snow shovel is a good compromise between price and usefulness. The cord may be a turn off for some, but the handy cord retention hook does make cable management a bit easier. And since you’ll mostly be clearing small spaces, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most.




  • Light and easy to store
  • Excellent snow clearing width and depth for a snow shovel
  • Affordable
  • Low power
  • The cord can be a hassle
  • May be difficult to assemble

How to Choose an Electric Snow Blower

The type of snow blower you get will ultimately depend on the type of snow you need to shove. Best electric snow blowers can handle most powered snow conditions and can power through thin crusts as well. They don’t do as well with hard-packed or slushy snow since they lack the power to move them. For that application, you should probably look at something more powerful like a gas blower. However, electric blowers are becoming more powerful, and some newer models can handle small amounts of wet snow with relative ease.

Apart from power, two factors you need to consider are budget and brand. There are so many brands on the market, and some, unfortunately, make inferior quality products that are underpowered. When looking for a snow blower, stick to reputable and known brands such as Toro, Snow Joe, GreenWorks, Ego, and Earthwise. These brands make good snow blowers are good prices, so find one that offers the most power that fits into your budget.

Some snow blowers come with fancy extras, like lights and rechargeable batteries, but these do come at an increased price. Deciding on whether or not you want or need these extras can help you decide on the trade-off between potential extra power and some extra convenience.

Electric Snow Blower vs. Gas Snow Blower

The main difference between an electric and gas snow blower is the amount of power they put out. An electric gas blower offers a lot more convenience but lacks the sheer power of a gas blower.

A gas snow blower is great for powering through piles of snow that an electric blower would struggle with, but apart from having to deal with gas fumes, gas blowers are notoriously finicky. Some models struggle with bad weather, which is a problem, considering you’ll most likely be using one in bad weather.

They also tend to have carburetor issues and are temperamental about what gas they’ll take. Some gas blowers will seize up if you use old gas or allow anything other than gas into the gas tank. This then requires you to go to the repair shop to get it fixed, while the snow keeps piling up outside.

An electric snow blower, on the other hand, doesn’t have half as many issues and will work fine under any weather conditions. Electric blowers do lack the power of gas blowers, but all a loss of power means is that you’ll have to do a couple more passes than you would with a gas blower. Is the gain in power enough to convince you to deal with the hassle of a gas blower? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself when you pick the best option for your circumstances.

In Conclusion – Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers and throwers offer an eco-friendly, quiet alternative to gas-powered blowers. They may lack the power of a gas blower, but they are usually more reliable and convenient to use. You don’t have to deal with any fumes or risk having your blower break down at the worst possible moment. Electric blowers are the perfect tool if you don’t experience heavy snowfall regularly and just want something to clear your driveway.

Electric snow blowers are getting more and more powerful and will probably catch up to gas-powered blowers soon. Data shows that the average amperage on a snow thrower is increasing and that’s unlikely to stop.

When looking for an electric blower or thrower, make sure you go with popular brands that offer good power and reliability.

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