Best Electric Leaf Vacuum (2020 Reviews Updated)

Last Updated on January, 18th 2021


One of the most tedious and labor-intensive jobs in the yard is raking up leaves manually with a rake. A leaf vacuum makes cleaning up your yard a breeze but is also one of the best tools for cleaning out gutters, drainage pipes, and other hard-to-reach areas. Most vacuums can easily invert their setting to become leaf blowers as well if that’s what you prefer.

If you’re looking for a leaf vacuum that will make your life easier, we’ve taken the time to compare some of the top performers in the electric blower vac market today and give reasons for our recommendations and scores.

Best Leaf Corded Vacuum Reviews

1) Toro 51585 Power Sweep

Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower, 7 Amp 2-Speed

The Toro Power Sweep electric leaf blower is a futuristic leaf blower that definitely makes an impression. The manufacturer, Toro, has been in business since 1914 and has been making leaf blowers for a decade. The Toro Power Sweep is the last iteration that benefits from all the design lessons Toro have learned from previous models.

The Toro is remarkably light, weighing as little as 4.6 pounds. This makes it great for taking around the garden without the need for a shoulder strap. Despite its tiny size, the Toro has a powerful 7-amp motor that generates wind speeds of up to 160 mph, more than enough to blow leaves away.

If that’s too much for you, the Toro also has variable air speed control, with a dial that can switch between 160 mph and a more sedate 130 mph. The lower speed offers greater control in tight spaces while the higher speed is great for wide open areas.

As it’s an electric leaf blower, the Toro is much quieter than gas-powered leaf blowers, and you don’t have to use earbuds to protect your hearing while operating it. Toro has also taken your convenience while using this corded leaf blower into account by providing a small hook on the blower that keeps the cable intact, so you don’t need to be pulling after a cord all the time. Unfortunately, you do have to buy the power cord separately, which does add to the cost of the unit.




  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Variable air speed that’s perfect for small to medium yards
  • Two-year warranty
  • The power cord must be purchased separately

2) WORX WG520 Turbine 600

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower, Black

Despite being made by a reputable brand, the Worx WG520 leaf blower is one of the cheapest ones on the market. And while you may expect that at that price you get a bare-bones weak leaf blower that is suitable for puffing at a couple of leaves, nothing could be further from the truth. This Worx leaf-blower is well-designed, well-built, and excellent value for money.

The Worx weighs just 6.4 pounds, making it easy enough to use with one hand and without the need for a shoulder strap. It has a powerful 12-amp electric motor that generates a lot of power and airspeed, which is further enhanced by turbine fan technology that generates a huge amount of high-speed air that can move up to 600 cubic feet of debris per minute. That’s a lot of leaves.

The Worx also has a variable air speed dial so that you can control how much power you’re getting. If you’re working in tight areas, you want less power while a large area like a lawn needs more. The dial isn’t a simple binary switch. It’s a knob that you can rotate that gives you complete control over the amount of air you’re putting out.

Overall, Worx is serious about putting out high-quality products at reasonable prices, and the WG520 leaf blower continues that tradition.




  • Lightweight and powerful with an impressive CFM
  • Variable airspeed
  • High-quality construction with a three-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Corded, which may annoy some users

3) Best Partner Leaf Blower

best partner 2-Speed Leaf Blower,7-Amp, 160/200 MPH

Best Partner may not be the name that instantly comes to your mind when you think gardening tools, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a no-frills blower that’s reliable and gets the job done.

The Best Partner blower is powered by a 7-amp motor that generates air speeds of up to 200 mph but does only move around 180 cubic feet of debris per minute. It’s a lightweight electric leaf blower that weighs 6.2 pounds, making it easy enough for prolonged periods, which you’ll be doing thanks to the low CFM. It has two speeds, one for operating in tight areas and the other suitable for powering through large areas of debris at once.

If you’re worried about the quality of the leaf blower, rest assured that its UL certified, which means that it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability and quality of the unit. The manufacturer not only offers a one-year warranty and lifetime support, but there is also a 30-day money back guarantee and 24-hour support. So in the unlikely event that you run into any issues, they’ll be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

The Best Partner is a cheap and cheerful leaf vacuum that is ideal for light yard work. It may not be the most powerful blower out there, but it will get the job done.




  • Cheap
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The green design makes it stand out from the crowd
  • Great manufacturer support for the lifetime of the unit
  • The wimpy motor produces little power

4) Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower, Blue

The Sun Joe corded leaf blower is the lightest of all the models we’ve reviewed, weighing just 3.9 pounds. It weighs so little because the entire unit has been stripped down to necessities, making it an ideal leaf blower for people who don’t need a lot of power and just want a really affordable replacement for a rake.

The Sun Joe has a 6-amp motor that generates 155 mph air and can clear 260 cubic feet of debris per minute. That’s pretty respectable for such a tiny blower. Everything about this Sun Joe leaf blower is about minimalism. It’s got a small motor that will do a respectable job on any yard (unless you live on a farm) and it’s also tiny in size. It’s so small that it can fit in anywhere that you have a couple of inches of space, and the nozzle is detachable to save even more space.

However, there are aspects where you feel that the Sun Joe may have cut corners a bit too far, such as in the instance of the power cord. The unit doesn’t come with one, meaning you need to buy it separately. However, considering the price of this leaf blower, that shouldn’t be too much of an additional burden.




  • Lightweight and compact
  • The small engine produces a respectable amount of power
  • Easy to store and easy to use
  • The power cord must be purchased separately
  • Single speed setting
  • Isn’t really suitable for large or medium jobs

Cordless Vacuum vs. Corded Leaf Vacuum

When it comes to many garden tools these days, there’s a whole range of options that can be really intimidating when you first start shopping around. For instance, you’ve decided you want an electric leaf vacuum instead of a gas-powered one. That’s great, but now you need to decide whether you want a corded or cordless one? There are good reasons for either, but ultimately it will depend on your particular needs.

Battery powered, or cordless leaf vacuums use a rechargeable battery to get their power making them much easier to move around without being limited by a tether. The main trade-off is that the batteries in these versions tend to last for about an hour before needing to be recharged.

If you’ve got a big yard with lots of trees, you may find the constant breaks irritating. You can purchase multiple batteries, or you can buy a corded version. The corded version will go for as long as it’s plugged in, but you will have to deal with the potential annoyance of dragging a cable around.

Both cordless and corded leaf vacuums are similarly powered and the reasons for choosing either depend a lot on your tolerance of moving a cable around and having limited mobility around your yard.

In Conclusion – Electric Leaf Vacuum

Leaf vacuums are one of the best tools available for cleaning up your garden with ease. They speed up yard-work and can reach even the most difficult spots to clean, such as gutters. When buying a   leaf vacuum, score each unit you compare according to what your particular needs and budget are. By using our convenient guide, you’ll find one that works for you.

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