Best Electric Chainsaw (2020 Reviews Updated)

Last Updated on November, 29th 2020


The chainsaw has been a staple tool in the woodcutting industry for decades and has seen quite a lot of innovation since the early models. Currently, best electric chainsaw are making a splash as they provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional gas-powered chainsaw.

There are currently hundreds of electric chainsaws on the market. If you’re looking to invest in one or replace your old one, it can be intimidating to go through all of the options and find one that works for you. Our buyer’s guide will give you a rough idea of products we think are worth looking at when shopping for an electric chainsaw.

Best Electric Chain Saws Reviewed

#1. Poulan PL1416, 16 in. 14-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw – Best Rating Overroll

Poulan PL1416, 16 in. 14-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

Poulan is a reputable French company that produces a large variety of power tools, and the PL1416 electric chainsaw is an excellent entry in the electric chainsaw category. It features a 14-amp motor that produces a lot of power while weighing only 11 pounds.

It’s a corded electric chainsaw, which means that you don’t need to worry about batteries running out of power while you’re working. It comes with a 16-inch bar and chain, and the ergonomic inline design means you can use it for hours without getting wrist or forearm pain. The chainsaw controls really well due to the ergonomic design, great balance, and lightweight construction.

In terms of safety features, the Poulan has a chain brake alert that shows when the chain brake is on, so you won’t accidentally turn the machine on while the brake is engaged. The unit doesn’t come assembled, and you have to put the blade and chain on yourself, but the process is relatively simple provided you follow the included instructions.

A nice feature of the Poulan electric chainsaw is that it comes with an automatic oiler that keeps everything lubricated continuously. This dramatically extends the lifespan of the saw while minimizing maintenance and prolonging engine life.

Overall, Poulan is a company that has been making chainsaws for many years and has the experience to produce high-quality products that last for years, if not decades. The chainsaw comes with a one-year warranty, and you can rest assured that it will last much longer if properly maintained.




  • Reputable brand
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Light and easy to control
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • The chain gets loose relatively quickly
  • Short warranty period

#2. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Top Electric Chain saw

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

The Oregon CS1500 is a lovely chainsaw that’s perfect for light yard work but tough enough to handle larger projects as well. It comes equipped with a 15-amp motor that can produce a lot of power in an instant. It’s powerful enough to cut through hardwoods such as oak with ease. Operation is easy due to the lightweight and ergonomic construction of the Oregon, though the 18-inch guide bar may be too clumsy for any sort of precision work.

One of the things that makes the Oregon so special is the self-sharpening system. Usually, if you hit a rock or snag your saw in the dirt, you get a blunted chain, meaning you need to stop and replace the chain, which can be incredibly frustrating if you’re in the middle of a job. With the Oregon chainsaw, you just pull a small level which sharpens the chain for you. No need to stop and replace a chain, just a three-second delay while the blade is sharpened.

As with most electric chainsaws, it’s much easier to work with than a gas chainsaw due to its ergonomic design and over-molded handle. It’s easy to start, runs quietly and has tool-less chain tensioning, meaning you can quickly adjust the tension on the chain without stopping to find a screwdriver.

There are many safety features included in the Oregon chainsaw, from the front and rear handguards to a brake that will stop the motor and blade in the event of a kickback. When you take your finger off the trigger, the brake engages immediately, and the cutting is stopped instantly. There is also a catcher that protects your hands if the chain does come off, and an automatic throttle lock that prevents you from turning the saw on by accident.




  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Plenty of safety features
  • High-powered motor
  • Good quality construction
  • The chain is reported to slip off quite easily
  • Uses more oil than other electric chainsaws

#3. WORX WG303.1 Powered – Electric Chainsaw

WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16' Bar Length, Red

The Worx WG303.1 is currently one of the most popular electric chainsaws on sale and with good reason. It packs a punch, is easy to use and comes with a three-year warranty. It’s also competitively priced, considering what you get for your money.

Firstly, the Worx chainsaw comes with a 14.5-amp motor that can deliver lots of power exactly where you need it. It’s perfect for yard work and most tasks other than felling huge trees. It’s comfortable and light, coming in 11 pounds. It has a 16-inch bar and chain which has a sprocket on the bar nose for lubrication. Luckily, the chainsaw has automatic lubrication and an oil reservoir, so manual lubrication is not something you have to worry about.

You also don’t have to worry about tensioning. The Worx has an auto-tension chain system that prevents the chain from getting too loose or being overtightened. You just let it run, and it will take care of chain tension itself.

There are plenty of safety features on this chainsaw to prevent you from hurting yourself accidentally. There is a brake system as well as a kickback bar, so if something goes wrong and the chain comes off, the brake will engage and turn off the system and stop the chain, while the kickback bar will protect your hands should the chain break off altogether. Chances are incredibly slim that this will happen unless you’re forcing the chainsaw past its breaking point, but accidents can still happen, and Worx has taken that into account.

If you’re looking for a reliable chainsaw for small or medium woodcutting jobs, this is one of the best options out there. It’s simple to use, is packed with useful features, and comes at a really good price.




  • Three-year warranty
  • The strong motor provides lots of power
  • Auto-tension chain system and automatic lubrication
  • Users have complained of poor construction quality
  • Uses a lot of bar oil and requires lower viscosity oil

#4. Earthwise CS33016 Electric Chain Saw – Best Brand

Earthwise CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw, Green

Earthwise is a power tool company that is dedicated to making eco-friendly tools, which is probably why they’re in the electric chainsaw market. The CS33016 electric chainsaw has a 12-amp motor that is powerful enough to handle most residential yard work jobs. It’s not as powerful as some of the other chainsaws we’ve reviewed, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s got a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain that is the perfect size for the jobs this chainsaw was designed for.

The chainsaw is comfortably designed with a rubber over-molded handles that ensure you keep your grip. The chainsaw is designed to be low kickback and also comes with a cover for the bar and chain to ensure it’s stored safely. The entire unit weighs just 10 pounds and comes pre-assembled for minimal fuss.

The Earthwise chainsaw has all of the features you’d expect by now, including tool-less chain tensioning and an automatic lubrication system. Note that the chainsaw doesn’t come with oil and that needs to be added into the reservoir before you run the chainsaw for the first time.

Overall, the Earthwise electric chainsaw is an excellent choice if you’re not expecting to do anything serious with it. It’s great for trimming and chopping firewood, but the low-powered motor won’t handle anything bigger than that. If that’s all you want a chainsaw for, the Earthwise chainsaw has several convenient features that make it easy and safe to use.




  • Weighs almost nothing
  • Comes with automatic lubrication and tool-less tensioning
  • Starts up smoothly and reliably
  • Several users note issues with the gravity feed oil reservoir not dispensing oil
  • The chain is quite loose and can slip is not tensioned regularly.

#5. Makita UC4051A 16-inch Electric Chain Saw

Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar

Makita chainsaws are known for their exceptional design and excellent reliability, and this one is no different. The UC4501A comes with a 15-amp motor that comes close to generating as much power as a gas-powered chainsaw.

It’s not going to fell old hardwoods, but it can cut through branches, bushes and small trees with ease. The power generated by the Makita ensures that not only will it cut through small trees; it will cut through them quickly. There’s nothing worse than starting a cut and then seeing the chainsaw struggle half-way through the cut.

The Makita chainsaw comes with all the standard features and looks pretty standard from a design perspective as well. It’s well-made and durable, and while it has rubber over-molded grips, they’re not very good at decreasing vibration. The chainsaw also features tool-less tensioning and automatic lubrication, meaning you can set it and forget it. It’s an incredibly easy chainsaw to use and relatively comfortable, even during long jobs. It is on the heavier side, weighing in at almost 17 pounds.

The Makita features an anti-burnout system that protects your motor from overheating. It does this by controlling the amount of current coming through the motor and ensures that there isn’t too much pressure being put on the motor. This extends the longevity of the engine and prevents you from having to worry about constant repairs.




  • The powerful motor can handle most jobs
  • High-quality materials and build quality
  • Will start up under any conditions
  • The anti-burnout system will add years to the chainsaw
  • It’s quite expensive
  • The cord can be annoying for larger yards

How to Choose the Electric Chainsaw

When choosing an electric chainsaw, you have to take your particular circumstances and needs into account. The first choice you have to make is whether you want to use a corded or cordless chainsaw.

Corded chainsaws are usually more powerful than cordless but come at the cost of having to be within 100 feet of a power outlet to work. Cordless chainsaws are more mobile, but their batteries only offer around an hour of cutting time before they need to be recharged. So, if you’re planning on using the chainsaw for chopping firewood, that’s no problem. If you’re clearing a whole bush, then you may need to get a lot of extra batteries.

The second thing you need to consider is the brand and your budget. Buying from reputable brands means you’re more likely to get a quality product that works as advertised and is covered by a good warranty. Don’t skimp and get a lower quality product, get the best quality chainsaw that has enough power for your needs that you can reasonably afford.

Finally, look for features such as automatic bar oilers and tool-less tensioning. They may seem frivolous, but they’ll save you a lot of time and frustration in the field.

Electric vs. Gas Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws have rapidly caught up to gas chainsaws in terms of popularity and variety. They’re an attractive option due to their quiet operation, safety aspects, and lack of fumes and hassle that may come with a gas chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws are great for yard work where you’re doing trimming and maybe removing small trees. They’re a lot quieter than gas chainsaws and are much lighter and easier to use. They only start once you press the start button, making them substantially safer than gas chainsaws. However, there are jobs that they simply can’t handle, and the need to either carry around batteries or move around an electric cord can be a turnoff.

Gas chainsaws, on the other hand, can handle anything you throw at them and come back for more. They have a much longer run time than electric saws and come in a greater variety of lengths and sizes.

However, they’re a lot heavier and difficult to work with as well as being louder and giving off fumes that can be detrimental to your health. They also need to be primed and turned on before you get anywhere near the tree, making them less safe, especially in inexperienced hands.

Which one you choose depends on what you’re planning to use the chainsaw for. If you want convenience at the cost of power and utility, the electric one is for you. If you’re planning to go Paul Bunyan in the forest, it’s best to stick to the good ole gas-powered chainsaw. There may come a time when electric chainsaws get more powerful and replace gas powered ones, but that day is still, for now, in the future.

How Many Watts Does an Electric Chainsaw Use?

When it comes to best electric chainsaws, it’s obvious that the more amps they use, the more powerful they are and the more wattage they use.

Amps are a measure of current flow, which can then be translated into how much power an electric chainsaw uses from the socket. All of the chainsaws that we reviewed today use 120V power lines, and so it’s possible to calculate wattage from taking the amps and multiplying it by the voltage. So, for example, a 15-amp chainsaw motor will use 1800 watts of power, and a 12-amp chainsaw motor will use 1440 watts of power.

In Electric Chain Saw Conclusion

If you’re not planning on chopping down a forest any time soon, an electric chainsaw offers many advantages over traditional gas-powered saws, including ease of use and safety. An electric chainsaw is much more convenient to use, though some people dislike having to drag a cord around.

If you decide to go for an electric chainsaw, many high-quality products on the market will do the job you bought them for. Look for a reputable brand with a long warranty, and you’ll have a tool that will last you for a very long time.

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