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Best Combination Sump Pump Systems in 2022

Combination sump pumps are ideal for those who want full flood defense for basements. With two pumps that are ready to perform whatever the circumstances you'll have peace of mind that you've not had in a long time.

These pumps are great for many homeowners because of their small size. They don't require you to put in the second pump by yourself, and all you need to do is put it into the system the system and then connect it the system.

In this post I'll discuss with my readers what I consider to be the top sump pump combos that are available today.

Zoeller ProPak53Wayne WSS30VnWayne BGSP50
The best overallGreat for average floodingIdeal for flooding heavyPrimary: 2040 GPH at 10'Primary: 3840 GPH at 10'Primary: 3840 GPH at 10'Backup: 2100 GPH at 10'Backup: 1500 GPH at 10'Backup: 2040 GPH at 10'Editor Rating: 4.7Editor Rating: 4.5Editor Rating: 4.6

The Best Combination Sump Pump Systems

1. Zoeller Aquanot 508 ProPak53

The best overall selection

  • Key Features
  • Primary 2040 GPH at 10 Lift
  • Backup 2.100 GPH at 10" lift
  • 5.5 up to 7.5 minutes of pumping continuously
  • Housing made of cast iron, plastic and casting
  • Alarm and multi-stage charger
  • Self-testing and monitoring of battery
  • Fits into 18" basins
  • 3 year guarantee

ProPak is Zoeller's version of sump pumps that combine and, like its other products, it isn't a disappointment.It's built with great quality with a backup and primary rating of 2100 GPH and 2040 GPH and 2040 GPH respectively, with the height of 10 feet.This is the same amount of security all time.

If the main pump fails, the backup pump will be running for up to six hours on one battery charge. That's a full day of protection when it is running for about 15 minutes each hour.

The device includes a self-testing controller that has alarms. Although it does not feature an alarm system that can be remotely activated, the alarm that sounds is fantastic.

The design can fit in basins of 18 inches without any issues which is great. However, the 9 feet cord could've been a bit longer.

  • Pros
  • The capacity is nearly equal for both pumps
  • Self-testing system.
  • Fantastic run time with just one charge
  • Cons
  • Could be smaller

2. Wayne WSS30Vn Upgraded

Ideal for normal flooding

  • Key Features
  • Primary primary: 3840 GPH at 10 Lift
  • Backup 1: 1500 GPH at 10" lift
  • Housing made of coated steel
  • 10000 gallons in one battery charge
  • Reliable switch
  • Fits into 16" basins
  • 3 year guarantee

If you have a significant amount of water leaking into your basement, you should check this system.The Wayne WSS30VN includes two top-quality pumps into one package, the Wayne CDU800 and ESP25.

The Wayne WSS30V has been upgraded from the previous model Each pump is comprised of a strong covered steel motor housing. It's a significant increase in its longevity.

As with the majority of Wayne pump models, they feature top suction to prevent airlock. This means that you don't have to create a weep holes as in other sump pumps.

The greatest thing about it is that it can fit in the 16 inch diameter of basins. It is an indication of how compact the whole thing is.

  • Pros
  • Ideal for flooding that is heavy where you require two pumps to simultaneously
  • Primary pump with power
  • Very inexpensive
  • Cons
  • Backup will be underpowered when it operates by itself

3. WAYNE BGSP50 Guardian Premium

The best choice for heavy flooding

  • Key Features
  • Primary primary: 3840 GPH at 10" lift
  • Backup 2040 GPH at 10" lift
  • 11000 gallons of water in one battery charge
  • Housing made of cast iron
  • Solid-state air switch that has redundant floating reed switch
  • Apple and Android app to monitor your devices continuously via WiFi
  • LocalLink technology to help those times when WiFi is not working
  • Work is carried out in 15" basins
  • 5 year guarantee
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Wayne BGSP50 Wayne BGSP50 is the ultimate battery backup sump pump that you can purchase at home. A complete and comprehensive system that comes with top-of-the-line specifications.

It comes with a primary as well as a backup system that can go as high as the 3840 or 2040 GPH in each case, and with a maximum of 10 feet. It's a much more robust backup as compared to the WSS30Vn.

My favorite feature is that it has a switch. It's a solid-state switch which relies on air pressure to detect the level of water. Supported by an electromechanical reed floating device in the event of a malfunction.

It comes with an instrument that monitors parameters and runs system tests independently. It is possible to connect to your WiFi to receive notifications. If the WiFi is down it will notify you. LocalLink technology lets you monitor it in mattress. There's no need to walk to the basement.

The only thing to note that you might have expected this product is that it's not affordable. However, you cannot make a deal for peace of mind, and that's precisely what this provides.

  • Pros
  • Primary and backup power.
  • Cast iron construction in all its forms
  • Local Link & WiFi
  • Switch system that is reliable and reliable
  • Cons
  • Expensive

4 Glentronics PHCC PS-C22

A great alternative for floods that are heavy

  • Key Features
  • Primary primary: 27,70 GPH at 10" lift
  • Backup 1800 GPH at 10 Lift
  • Housing made of ABS and cast iron
  • USB data port & remote terminals
  • Dual floating switch
  • 3 year guarantee

In order to provide an increase in the quality of the Basement Watchdog, Glentronics also provides their PHCC Pro-Series pumps. They offer the PS-C22. PS-C22 is their version of an industrial-grade sump pump system designed for residential use.

It comes with a primary pump that can move between 2770 and 2770 GPH and a backup that goes that can go up to 1850 GPH up to 10' elevation. This is a more balanced set of pumps than the other pumps in this set, except that of the Zoeller.

Similar to its DFK961 counterpart the DFK961, the PS-C22 has two float switches on each pump. It also comes with a fantastic monitoring system that includes helpful alarms as well as USB connection for PHCC Pro Series CONNECT modules which is a nice feature. This module allows the system to send texts and status notifications without cost for a monthly subscription.

  • Pros
  • Great construction quality
  • Nice balance of capacity and capacity
  • Dual floating switch system for floats
  • Cons
  • Expensive

5. Liberty Pumps PC457-441

The best alternative for normal flooding

  • Key Features
  • Primarily primary: 2580 GPH at 10" lift
  • Backup 1.500 GPH at 10" lift
  • Housing made of poly/aluminum
  • 1 1/2" PVC piping with rubber coupler
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • 2 years guarantee

Liberty Pumps is one of the most well-known brands in the field of sump pumps. The PC series of combination pumps are designed for people who require a reliable combination system that performs.

The system comes with two pumps, one primary and the other backup that can pump up to 1580 or 2580 GPH in 10'' lifting and 10' respectively. It's extremely compact, making it ideal for small basins with a diameter of as little as 15'' diameter.

Similar to the more expensive alternatives this one also comes with an auto-testing and alarm system that will inform you when something's not right.

This is a fantastic option for those who are looking for amazing features and a brand you can count on.

  • Pros
  • Primary pump is a cool design, with finned aluminum
  • It has a self-testing system
  • Compact package
  • Cons
  • Three years or more of warranty would have been great for the cost.


Ideal to use for flooding with light

  • Key Features
  • Primary 3.100 GPH at 10 Lift
  • Back-up 1000 GPH at 10 Lift
  • Cast iron and housings made of cast aluminum
  • Dual floating switch system with a float switch
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • 2 year warranty with a limited duration
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Basement Watchdog is one of the most well-known names in the field of sump pumps. They manufacture high-quality products that are affordable. The brand is loved by professionals and homeowners, it's one brand that we can't afford to not include in this list.

The DFK961 represents their entry into combination pumps in 3 HP. It comes with a primary pump and backup that can go between 3100 and 1,000 GPH and 1000 GPH respectively, all at 10 feet. Similar to the WSS30Vn however, it's a bit of an imbalance which causes it to dependent to the pump that is the central one. This can be a problem if you have a large amount of water flowing through.

The thing I love most about it is that it has dual float switch for both pumps. The system is given 4x the protection due to having an emergency failsafe for the most sensitive part of the system - the switch.

  • Pros
  • Great for light flooding
  • Reliable dual-float switch system
  • Very inexpensive
  • Cons
  • A weak backup pump

What is a combined sump pump?

A sump pump that is a combination in which a standard AC powered and backup battery-powered pump are combined. The system provides constant security even if the primary pump is damaged or fails due to power failures.

Often referred to as combination sump pumps, this method is favored when convenience is a major concern. When you have a combination method, the only thing you need to do is put it inside the pit, and connect an appropriate check valve to the outlet. It is not necessary to design the mounting, and you can find room for another pump, for instance, when you are adding it the sump pump to your existing.

Buyer's Guide

1. Capacity

Amount is by far the main aspect to consider when selecting a pump. You must determine the amount of water that flows into your pit within a minute, then choose a model which can be cleared in less than half of the amount of time.

Additionally, you want the primary pump and backup pump to have the same capacity. Because the backup pump has to function on its own in the event an issue with the primary pump the backup pump must be capable of doing the work by itself.

2. Build

A good sump pump combo must have both pumps constructed from corrosion-resistant materials. It must be able to stand up to the harsh conditions inside the pit.

Cast iron is a great material and is the choice of the majority of people. It is extremely cool and is durable. After a couple of years, however, it'll start to corrode as the coating wears off.

Pumps made of plastic counter this, however they lose a little of cooling. This can cause the pump to overheat, especially when it is required to cycle on a regular basis for a couple of minutes.

3. Price

While price should not be the primary element in our decision-making however, we must take into account it in terms of practicality. The BGSP50 and other models such as the BGSP50 come with a lot of options, but they might be too costly for the average person. If that is the case, consider an alternative pump that has the same size, but with fewer features.


Combination pumps are a fantastic option to offer all-round security to your house. They're affordable (cheaper than water damage repair in the end) and easy to put in. They take away our anxieties and fears of a house that is flooded.

For us, it's a blessing that there is an increase in the number of companies in this market. This means more affordable and better alternatives for everyone. All we need to do is select the one that is best suited to the space we live in.

Do you have knowledge about the pumps listed previously mentioned? Do you have any other ideas that you believe should have made the list? If yes, let us know about it in the comments section below!

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