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Top 5 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room (2022 Reviews Updated)

The best carbon filter for grow room is an essential piece of equipment when you're indoor cannabis growing. Even if you're using odor-free fertilizers and pesticides in your grow room, flowering cannabis has a distinct odor that can be overwhelming when you've got multiple indoor plants growing at the same time.

Not only does the best carbon filter for grow room help with odor control, but it also keeps the environment in the grow tent clean and free of air-borne pathogens that may infect the plants in you room. It’s important to choose the best carbon filter for grow room to manage odor and keep your plants healthy in your grow tent—but which is that?

Best Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms

1. iPower 4-Inch Air Carbon Filter

This high performance carbon filter is one of the best on the market, the cream of the crop. It's the best carbon filter for grow tent, because it uses one of the most smell absorbent carbon types in the world- the RC412 from Australia. By choosing an extremely smell absorbent activated carbon, you'll be able to filter out strong odors from your room and with less odor leakage with this premium choice.

The carbon layer is 50mm thick so all the air that moves between your grow tent and the outside is exposed to a thick absorbent layer that will remove most, if not all, undesirable smells and microbes from your room.

The premium iPower carbon filter comes with a pre-filter that protects it and the carbon bed. The pre-filter on the iPower absorbs most of the large particles that would otherwise clog up the filter, and it's recommended that you replace this every six months to avoid unwanter smell and odor. This step will significantly increase the lifespan of the filter in your grow tent, which can last up to one and a half years before needing replacement.

An added advantage of this best carbon filter for grow room, is that the high performance iPower caters to the less-technically minded. The setup and installation of this choice filter is easy, thanks to a plug-and-play system that removes the mess and hassle from the installation process. This Australian brand also pulls double duty as an inline and exhaust fan.


2. VIVOSUN 4-Inch Air Carbon Filter

The primary claim of this filter is that it provides 100-percent filtered airflow, the best on our list meaning there are no pockets of air that escape coming in contact with the filter, helping this filter earn its way on to our list. Inner and outer mesh provides a 53% open area for increased air flow, and decreased smell. The Australian carbon itself will last for multiple years, according to the manufacturer. 

This filter is versatile for many different applications thanks to a reversible flange and base. It can be used as an intake or exhaust filter and with varying fans types for different applications.

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The Vivosun does come with a pre-filter that removes most large particulates before they enter the unit itself, protecting it and extending its lifespan. If you want to keep your carbon filter working for as long as possible, you do need to pay attention and replace this pre-filter when necessary, about once every growth cycle.

Several Vivosun carbon filter users have also reported that the activated charcoal doesn't last for very long and odor elimination in their grow tent fails after about month six, so keep that in mind when buying this filter that you may end up replacing it after each growth cycle. It may be more affordable in the long run to obtain a higher quality filter to avoid smell in your room.


3. GROWNEER 4-Inch Air Carbon Filter with Reversible Flange

Like many other filters discussed in these reviews, the GROWNEER uses 1050+ IAV Australian charcoal to absorb smell in your grow room, which has a high absorbency to absorb even the most pungent of smells. The fan that comes with the filter on this product has excellent heat control, which means that the temperature in your grow room won't be affected by the presence of the filter.

The Growneer can filter the air in a space 200 CFM. It has a reversible flange and base, which means it can be used either as an intake or exhaust filter. Another application of this reversible feature is to flip the carbon filter over, thereby extending the service life of the filter.

Included in the package are the filter, one belt, and one pre-filter that needs to be maintained to prolong the service life of the filter itself. The expected service life of the filter is about one year, depending on how much stuff the carbon has to absorb. Obviously, with heavier usage, the service life will go down.


4. Phresh Carbon Filter 701005

Undoubtedly the king of the pack, the Phresh carbon filter offers several features that other carbon filters don't and is well worth it despite the cost.

The Phresh filter uses RC-48 activated carbon, which is machine-packed into the 1.8-inch filter bed. Machine packing allows for more carbon to be packed into the same space, lessening the movement of carbon in the filter bed and upping the number of odors that can be removed.

The filter on this product is the best! It has aluminum tops and bases that make it the lightest filter we've reviewed, perfect for smaller grow room that might not be able to handle the weight of heavier filters. The cone-shaped design ensures that air flows through the filter freely in your room, and that combined with the anti-air bypass system means that a maximum amount of air is passed over the carbon filter to eliminate smell.

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Like the other carbon filters we've reviewed, this product comes with a pre-filter that is essential to extending the lifespan of the unit when appropriately maintained. Phresh claims that their product can last up to two years when correctly maintained, justifying the higher price point.


5.TerraBloom Activated Charcoal Air Carbon Filter

The TerraBloom filter uses top-grade RC-48 charcoal from Australia packed into a 1.8-inch filter bed, resulting in more carbon and more effective airflow to prevent smell in your room. As there is more carbon in the filter bed, it also means that the unit has a longer lifespan that filters that have a thinner filter bed. In fact, the life span of this filter is what helped it to earn a spot on our list. TerraBloom promises two years of continuous usage from this unit.

The entire unit comes pre-assembled, with both the flange and aluminum base assembled, allowing for quick and easy installation. This makes the filter lighter than other units at a similar price range. Unfortunately, since the flange comes pre-installed, you can't reverse it when it starts failing to extend its lifespan.

Overall, the TerraBloom is a close competitor to the Phresh filter, with the same quality carbon on a thick filter bed, same lightweight aluminum construction and same expected lifespan for a more affordable price.


How to Choose a Top Carbon Filter For Grow Room

While you can get away without having a carbon filter in your grow room or tent, a carbon filter is incredibly useful in filtering out odor and also preventing harmful microbes from entering and infecting your plants.

There are plenty of cheap options on the market for you room, but it's better to find a carbon filter for grow room that offers high performance for a longer time. You will quickly find that most cheap filters for indoor growing stop working within months if they ever worked effectively at all, so it's ideal to just buy the best carbon filter for grow room from the start.

When looking for a carbon filter for grow room, there are a couple of things that you should look or. If the filter you're looking at meets these criteria, chances are you'll be happy with the product you've bought.

In Conclusion - Carbon Filter

Your best carbon filter for grow room needs a filter to stop odor from escaping and also to keep bugs out of the system. A carbon filter is the best choice since it's reliable and relatively quiet. They are only as effective for indoor growing as the carbon in them, so when choosing a filter, go for the best carbon filter for grow room, one that has high-quality activated charcoal and has plenty of it. Thicker carbon filter beds mean a longer lifespan and more effective odor control and filtration.

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